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Change user name

This is an option as well:

Go to run – Type “mmc” (no parenthesis)
A window will open Go to File menu-
Select: Add/Remove Snap-In A new snap-in window will open
Scroll down to and select- Local Users and Groups click the “add” button in the center
Click Finish on the window that opens then select OK which will close the snap-in window
Local Users and groups will be beneath Console Root in the Console1 window
Double click or expand Local Users and Groups and then select the Users Folder
A list of users will appear on the right – right click on the User name you want to change and choose Rename

right click on it and choose set password if you want to do that – right click and go to properties if you want to add a “Full Name” entry or you can check the password never expires box.

Then go to file and save the console file wherever you want.