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Error: “Settings out of date” and unable to save the password for the app on Windows 10

Hello Christine,

As the above description is not clear provide additional information to assist you better with this issue:

  • Are you referring to Office Outlook (Mail client version)/ Mail app/ Windows Live Mail?
  • What is the complete error message/ error code of this issue?

If you are referring to Windows Mail app, let us try the below troubleshooting steps and check if it helps.

Step 1: I suggest you to check if there are any updates for Mail app in Windows Store. If found try to update the app.

Step 2: I suggest you to run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter,
troubleshoots problems that may prevent Windows Store Apps from working correctly.

Refer: Run the troubleshooter for Windows apps

Step 3: I suggest you to check with the system Date, time and Time zone
is set correct.

Follow the steps to set the date and time:

  • Type Date and Time in the search bar.
  • Click Change date and time button.
  • Click Apply and Ok to save the date and time.

Note: Click on the Time Zone tab to check the Time Zone.

Hope it helps. Reply to the post with the required information for further assistance.

Thank you.