A couple of days ago, TrendForce reported that Samsung is aiming to start releasing cheaper foldables next year. Well, the very first cheaper iteration of a Samsung foldable smartphone could shock us with its price tag.

The price tag of a cheaper foldable from Samsung could be quite shocking

According to info released by Revegnus, a tipster, the company’s upcoming foldable smartphone will cost somewhere between $400 and $500. Needless to say, that’s surprising, and very aggressive pricing by Samsung.

It actually seems hard to believe, but… it’s possible. The Motorola Razr 40 is currently discounted to $499.99 on Amazon, for example. It usually costs $699.99. So, achieving that price point is possible.

The Motorola Razr 40 is a clamshell foldable, and the phone Revegnus is talking about here probably is too. It’s hard to believe a book-style foldable will cost between $400 and $500, but Samsung could yet surprise us.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is currently the cheapest current-gen foldable from Samsung. It’s priced at $799.99 as we speak, on Amazon, as it’s discounted. That is a flagship-grade phone, though.

Samsung will need to cut corners in order to meet this price

Samsung will, obviously, have to make a number of changes to reach that lower price tag. We’ll see cutting costs take place, let’s just hope that the company will cut costs in the right places.

Presuming we’re talking about a clamshell device here, it will likely either not have a cover display, or have a very small one. Chances are that the latter is true, but we’ll see.

You can expect an inferior chip to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 to be used, of course. Samsung will go for a more budget-oriented chip, a mid-range offering of some sort. We may even have to deal with some display concessions, who knows. That device is a mystery at this point, but we’ll likely get more information soon.

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