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Christmas Tree Ornaments That Are Actually Funny

If you are tired of usual boring Christmas tree ornaments, check out these beautiful creations. We spent many hours going over countless Etsy stores to find the funniest ornaments, so scroll down and see which one you like the best! P.S. If you enjoyed this selection, you will also love Christmas greeting cards that doesn’t suck.

Merry Christmas!
Made by MadeByMeMeg

Funny Christmas ornament.
Made by UkrainianBeadJewelry

Well hung.
Made by BestFnGiftShopEver

Baby it's Covid outside.
Made by omgcardsshop

Funny Christmas ornament.
Made by VirginiaLeeStitches

Mean Christmas tree ornament.
Made by IronMaidArt

Nothing for you...
Made by StanleyWinked

Merry catsass!
Made by HelloLemonZesty

I tried.
Made by LaserXdesigns

Scumbag Santa.
Made by 3CEtching

Funny Christmas tree ornament.
Made by TenmilePeakShop

Affording gas in 2022.
Made by OrioleDesign

Deez nuts ornament.
Made by JPWoodsandPrints

Inflation receipt 2022 ornament.
Made by JustEngraveItCo

Cat butt 2022 ornament.
Made by ChocolateChipWitches

Pooping dog Christmas tree ornament.
Made by PoopingPooches

Jesus saw that.
Made by MemeCuisine

Let it snow!
Made by StayWildStampCo

This is actually true.
Made by OliverBeiser

Live, laugh...
Made by JRCreationsCC

Funny Christmas ornaments.
Made by HausWoodWorks

Die Hard Christmas tree ornament.
Made by drockpress