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ChromeOS and Microsoft 365 integration is great news for Chromebook owners

While Google Chromebooks remain among the most popular options for those seeking a lightweight laptop, but they’ve always had one major drawback – the inability to fully integrate with Microsoft’s 365 platform.

While Google Docs, Sheets and Slides provide an excellent web based option, sometimes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are unavoidable, so the two tech giants are aligning to square the circle.

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Later this year, Chrome OS will get Microsoft 365 and OneDrive software within the native Files app. The experience is available today for beta users ahead of the full launch.

“It’s important to all Chromebook users to have the tools readily available to access the files they need to get things done,” a post on the Chrome OS Beta support forum reads (via “Today, users of Microsoft 365 and OneDrive software can use the Progressive Web App for their Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel needs. To further help these users, we will have a new integration later this year on ChromeOS, making it easier to install the app and open files.”

Microsoft says that when the time comes, users will be guided through the process of installing Microsoft 365 and then connecting OneDrive to the Chromebook’s Files app. Once this is done, users will be able to access their OneDrive files directly from the ChromeOS and all files will open up through via the Microsoft 365 Progressive Web App.

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