CNC Saves Water Cooling Setup

A vintage drawback. You’ve got a brand new CPU and a 15-year outdated water cooling machine. In fact, the bracket doesn’t have compatibility. Time to shop for a brand new cooler? No longer in case you are [der8auer]. You design a brand new bracket and mill it out of aluminum.(*15*)

In truth, it could appear overkill, nevertheless it is sensible. Finally, regardless of how new the CPU is, the usage of water to chill it nonetheless works the similar approach, in idea.(*15*)

As milled portions cross, the bracket wasn’t that difficult. For some explanation why, the holes didn’t cross all through, so it required some hand completing. However we had been very inspired together with his ability delidding a CPU (2nd video).(*15*)

If you wish to see the result of the cooling bracket, that’s within the 3rd video, underneath. We puzzled what the operating temperature is for the bracket. If it had been low sufficient, you could possibly 3-D print it with the fitting subject matter.(*15*)

We need to ponder whether CPUs will sooner or later have liquid cooling fittings built-in into the bundle. Possibly one day.(*15*)

You’ll be able to water cool absolutely anything that will get scorching. Even a 3-D printer or a Raspberry Pi.(*15*)

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