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Code Direct is offering 20 hours of Python training for just $25

No one becomes an expert coder overnight. It can take years of training to turn knowledge of syntax and variables into full-blown apps that top the App Store. You can start small with Code Direct, which is offering 20 hours of coding training for $24.99

Code Direct splits its content into 16 lectures to teach beginner developers how to utilize Python. The topics you’ll cover include syntax, variables, data types, numbers & strings, operators, dictionaries, if…else statements, and more, and you can validate your knowledge with over 100 hands-on exercises

Getting stuck along the way? Code Direct also provides solutions to each of its problems, so you can see exactly where you messed up and make adjustments for more challenging exercises. It doesn’t stop there! Code Direct plans on adding lessons on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, allowing you to expand your coding knowledge beyond just one language.

Refresh your coding skills or learn a new language altogether with Code Direct. Right now, you can get lifetime access for just $24.99 or 68% off.


Code Direct Python Interactive Coding: Lifetime Access – $24.99

Get Hands-On Python Training

Prices subject to change.