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Collabolancer is an open-source proof-of-concept decentralized freelancing market, that allows seamless collaboration between employers, employees, and solvers.

The speculation in the back of Collabolancer is to glue fellow employees to collaborate in finishing the paintings equipped by way of the employer, after which integrating a dispute agreement machine involving a solver. Collabolancer is constructed on a decentralized framework to supply further advantages for all events concerned and provides additional choices that in the past may now not be accomplished in a centralized freelancer market machine.

Present state of affairs

The gig financial system has grown right into a strategic financial sector. The knowledge displays that 54% of the USA work force don’t consider that the usual form of paintings current in as of late’s market will proceed in the similar shape in 20 years. That quantity comprises each freelancers and non-freelancers. In fact, freelancers are particularly conscious about this, with 65% of full-timers frequently updating their talents as the arena evolves.

The employment marketplace is reasonably precarious as of late, with 57.3 million folks having freelanced in 2021. Statistics level to a majority of the USA work force turning into freelancers by way of 2027. It’s now glaring that 47% of all operating millennials freelance greater than any earlier technology, showcasing how know-how performs its section within the rising marketplace.

On the other hand, together with the speedy expansion of the gig financial system, marketplace avid gamers who’re ruled by way of the centralized gig financial system platform are not able to respond to quite a lot of demanding situations and issues that stand up. There are a number of issues led to by way of the centralized freelancer’s market machine that are described intimately under:

Agree with drawback

In line with this article, have confidence and protection are crucial to the good fortune of a gig financial system platform. Employees wish to know that they are going to receives a commission, that the employer is reputable, and that the operating prerequisites are cheap and protected.

Employers should make certain that the employee can do the activity, will also be relied on to constitute the corporate correctly, and won’t thieve or partake in any fraudulent or illegal activity. Moreover, as those assignments are frequently quick and require fast success, marketplaces wish to temporarily and appropriately vet the identities of various possibilities and alternatives.

Central authority

The Centralized freelancer’s platform is administered by way of the central birthday party with the perfect authority. This authority is even ready to supply a suspension as much as the deletion of a employee’s account.

Prime access barrier for brand spanking new freelancers

Much less skilled freelancers are frequently now not the most popular selection. However, novice freelancers on occasion handiest need to get paintings enjoy and construct their portfolios, however there’s no approach to try this with a top access barrier.

Except that, the character of doing industry within the centralized freelance market makes transaction charges reasonably top. About 5% to 30% are going to the middleman platform, to not point out the costs for taking flight finances. This additionally creates some obstacles for brand spanking new freelancers as a result of they don’t obtain 100% in their freelancing earnings.

Employer has a tendency to retain possession of the highbrow belongings

In line with this article, there are a number of incorrect employer practices within the gig financial system, similar to robbery of highbrow belongings and interference with contractual members of the family.

An instance could be a copyright infringement wherein employees create and due to this fact personal the highbrow belongings to a particular form of paintings, however the employer improperly takes each regulate and unlawful possession of this and therefore earnings from it. The average employer rationale being: “I paid for it so I personal it” is a common false impression.

Collaboration and innovation shall be restricted

As said by way of this article, restricted collaboration is one of the most sensible issues related to hiring gig employees. Except that, naturally freelancers all the time come and pass, additionally as a result of there’s no ok framework that promises that each employee concerned within the collaboration gets any rights in step with their portion.

Rather then that, the bidding mechanism creates a centralized, and individual-centric ecosystem, so there’s no get advantages in participating with others, even supposing collaboration can in fact resolve extra issues and can result in extra innovation.

There’s no integrated dispute agreement machine

In line with this (*20*)article, this can be a very trivial factor as disputes are sure to happen when transactions are performed between the patron and dealer, (freelancer and shopper). Disputes are resolved by way of unmarried centralized entities that query the objectivity of the resolutions made, that don’t seem to be at once built-in into the machine.


FITS Tick list proposed by way of Dr. Adrian McCullagh Ph D. (IT Sec), LL.B., GAICD, Ph.D. is an easy set of questions consisting of Fraud, Intermediaries, Throughput and Solid Information, that can be utilized to peer how most likely it’s that present blockchain know-how will disrupt the involved trade.

By means of taking a look on the above issues and the present state of affairs from the centralized freelancer market sector, we will make certain that that is one that the blockchain will severely disrupt as a  have confidence drawback exists right here, which contains Fraud. As well as, there’s a centralized birthday party which is the Middleman and does now not want top transaction Throughput to be viable, and moreover calls for legitimate Solid portfolio information. The Collabolancer blockchain is designed to counter those problems and provide a workable resolution.

The answers constructed by way of Collabolancer will also be extensively defined as follows.

Agree with financial system: Past the gig financial system

As said by way of this article the have confidence financial system is a exertions marketplace which, just like the gig financial system, is characterised by way of freelance paintings as an alternative of employment. On the other hand, not like the gig financial system, it’s ruled by way of a brand new algorithm that are extra humane and equitable. Those new regulations empower unbiased employees to take possession and regulate in their recognition, their community, and in the end, in their unbiased careers. The have confidence financial system is constructed on those ideas:

  • Other people, now not platforms personal their recognition information and their community of contacts.
  • We will paintings in combination freely with out middlemen.
  • The perfect dating is the carrier dating between the employee and shopper, now not between the intermediary and the customer.

In regards to the recognition information, on this case, Vincent Marle said that “paintings enjoy, reforms to {qualifications} will have to be directed against the validation of labor enjoy and making them out there thru other routes” (Vincent Merle, 1997).

Collabolancer supplies an immutable option to retailer each employee’s submission and contribution, and cause them to available thru their profile, that ends up in the introduction of a legitimate employee portfolio. Collabolancer additionally makes use of the decentralized community, so a dating happens at once between the employee and the customer.

A collaboration this is clear and ‘ultimate’

Blockchain based totally answers can carry extra equity into the machine. On this case, a integrated collaboration mechanism as an alternative of a person ‘bidding’ mechanism supplies equivalent alternatives to all employees, together with those that have the purpose of creating wealth, and people who have the purpose to develop their portfolio.

As well as, blockchain based totally answers additionally carry transparency and finality to the method, therefore we will ensure that the employer will for sure pay for the employee’s finished submission as stipulated within the settlement.

Collabolancer supplies a ‘contract’ that is composed of a Challenge Contract, Proposal Contract, and Workforce Contract. Every contract accommodates a fund vault and provisions and is visual to everybody.

Blockchain based totally dispute decision machine

Blockchain dispute decision mechanisms have many benefits. Maximum particularly, they are able to be very price efficient for all events concerned, as they obviate the will for the onerous strategy of litigating in state courts, and choices are enforced robotically. This circumvents long and frequently dear battles to put into effect judgments.

Collabolancer supplies a dispute decision machine in response to those ideas, and to make sure clean execution of dispute decision, each birthday party will have to come with their ‘dedication price’ from the start in their settlement. This ‘dedication price’ shall be frozen till the undertaking standing is done.

Incentive machine

Collabolancer supplies incentives within the type of cashback, wherein the share will also be set within the config, the place each birthday party who has completed a excellent activity will obtain this cashback. On this approach, recognition and difficult paintings will also be tokenized!

Collabolancer additionally supplies incentives for the dispute solver, specifically when the solver votes for the profitable birthday party within the dispute, the dedication price from the solver who voted for the dropping birthday party shall be dispensed to the solver who voted for the profitable birthday party.

Transaction main points

There are a complete of 18 customized transactions constructed within the Collabolancer blockchain application, which will also be defined as follows:

RegisterEmployerTransaction (101)

This tradition transaction creates a brand new deal with and registers it as an employer. The employer has the fitting to put up a brand new undertaking and choose the profitable staff to paintings on his undertaking.

RegisterWorkerTransaction (102)

This tradition transaction creates a brand new deal with and registers it as a employee. Employees have the fitting to make proposals to employer initiatives and set provisions for collaboration with the staff. Employees even have the fitting to simply accept or reject staff contributions, and in addition can put up the general paintings to the employer. But even so being a pace-setter, the employee too can follow to enroll in some other employee to collaborate in combination.

RegisterSolverTransaction (103)

This tradition transaction creates a brand new deal with and registers it as a solver. The solver has the fitting to settle the dispute by way of casting a vote to the birthday party they consider is status at the proper aspect.

PostProjectTransaction (104)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the employer. The aim is to put up a brand new undertaking and set some undertaking homes on an asset.

PostProposalTransaction (105)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the employee. The aim is to make a brand new proposal and develop into a suggestion chief. This proposal will also be set to permit collaboration, in addition to set to be a solo proposal. Employees wish to pay a dedication price, to incentivize collaboration. So as an alternative of competing with some other employee, it’s extra attractive to collaborate, and keep away from each massive dedication charges and the penalty, if their proposal isn’t chosen by way of the employer.

JoinTeamTransaction (106)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the employee. The aim is to enroll in or follow for a suggestion as a staff member.

StartWorkTransaction (107)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the employer (the undertaking proprietor). That is completed when an employer selects a profitable staff to paintings at the undertaking. The remainder of the not-selected proposal then must pay a ‘Now not Decided on Penalty’ that shall be dispensed to the profitable proposal.

SubmitContributionTransaction (108)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the staff member. The aim is to put up their contribution to the staff. The contribution is then embedded of their profile, and the acceptable staff member turns into the landlord of the contribution.


This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the staff chief. If the chief doesn’t just like the submitted recordsdata, they are able to make this transaction to request a revision. After most revisions are reached, the acceptable staff member shall be rejected, and their dedication price shall be dispensed to the staff chief, and their participation is stopped.

SubmitWorkTransaction (110)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the staff chief, this is being chosen in a undertaking by way of the undertaking proprietor. The aim here’s to put up their paintings to the employer. The submitted paintings is then embedded within the chief profile, and the precise chief turns into the landlord of the submitted paintings.

EmployerRequestRevisionTransaction (111)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the undertaking proprietor (employer). If the landlord doesn’t just like the submitted recordsdata, they are able to execute this transaction to request a revision. After most revision is reached, the undertaking standing shall be rejected. Then the prize shall be returned to the employer.

FinishWorkTransaction (112)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the undertaking proprietor. After the landlord accepts or rejects the paintings, the standing shall be set to completed or refused, and a


timestamp shall be set. Because the prize isn’t claimed but, everybody has a lag time (default to one day), because the frozen duration till the


is then to be had to be completed.

ClaimPrizeTransaction (113)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of a undertaking member, whether or not it’s the proprietor, chief, or staff member. After the frozen duration is over, and/or in spite of everything disputes are closed, this transaction will also be completed, then the finances, plus the


, shall be claimed and despatched to their profile stability. This scheme is truthful to everybody.

TerminateWorkTransaction (114)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the staff chief. It’s completed when the chief and staff member have submitted all paintings in step with the undertaking provisions, however the employer doesn’t mark the paintings as


. So after the


is handed, the chief executes this to modify the undertaking standing to terminated, then after a frozen duration, the prize will also be claimed.

CancelWorkTransaction (115)

This tradition transaction can handiest be completed by way of the employer. It’s to terminate paintings transactions, cancel paintings, and is designed to give protection to employers from irresponsible employees when they don’t put up any recordsdata till the utmost cut-off date runs out. The employer can cancel the paintings, and after a frozen duration the prize can then be claimed and returned again to the employer. Canceled paintings is ultimate, and cannot be open to any dispute, as it’s transparent that the chief isn’t filing any paintings till the utmost cut-off date expires.

OpenDisputeTransaction (116)

Disputes are classified within the following two bureaucracy, the chief vs the employer, and the staff member vs the chief. A revered litigant can open a dispute in the event that they really feel aggrieved. Dispute mechanisms are equipped to be some way of fixing problems referring to their paintings. A dispute will also be opened all through the frozen duration and it’s going to be imaginable to vote for the dispute inside the most time frame laid out in the litigant, after that the dispute will also be closed.

VoteDisputeTransaction (117)

This transaction can handiest be completed by way of the solver. The solver will solid a vote to the acceptable dispute, and pay a price.

CloseDisputeTransaction (118)

This transaction will also be completed by way of everybody, however can handiest be completed when the utmost time frame expires. Vote casting shall be calculated in response to the solver’s stability as their vote casting weight, and the profitable birthday party would be the one who has a bigger overall vote casting weight. The dropping solver’s price will then be dispensed to the profitable solver.

Person interface


To be had Challenge Listing


Put up New Challenge Conversation


Challenge Main points Web page


Open Dispute Conversation


Dispute Main points


Forged Vote Conversation


Employee Profile Web page


Long run construction

There are a number of sides the creator wish to point out referring to the way forward for Collabolancer:

  • Collabolancer is lately being constructed in response to the Lisk SDK v3.0.2, with the discharge of the Lisk SDK v5, the creator desires to expand Collabolancer by way of following the newest Lisk SDK requirements, which in fact will supply nice advantages for this undertaking.
  • A number of transactions will also be added to additional beef up the have confidence financial system. As an example, to permit record house owners to incentivize their paintings, customized transactions will also be made for the ‘switch of possession’ together with transfers of finances, in order that the landlord can monetize his paintings.
  • The dispute decision way will also be progressed in step with long run research. The dispute decision machine this is lately built-in is only a evidence of theory, and can’t totally resolution the equity of the machine. As an example, by way of enforcing a delegate machine identical to Lisk’s DPoS set of rules.
  • Except that, the imaginative and prescient and major beliefs of the Collabolancer undertaking have now not been totally accomplished, however handiest on an evidence of theory degree. Due to this fact, the creator needs to proceed the advance till the undertaking turns into a workable product that may in the end have a favorable affect, particularly for the freelancer market box. Naturally, the creator appreciates all comments and recommendations, in addition to enter from all events for the long run growth of this undertaking. For this objective, the creator has created a distinct space to deal with those tips and comments, at


Collabolancer is the creator’s first undertaking within the blockchain box, and he wish to spotlight that the structure and contours offered by way of the Lisk SDK give you the perfect imaginable comfort for blockchain application construction, with out sacrificing application high quality and safety. Due to this fact, the creator could be very inspired with the options introduced by way of the Lisk SDK, and hopes that Collabolancer is usually a severe undertaking within the close to long run that may make an actual affect within the freelancing box.


Disclaimer: This weblog put up used to be written by way of our group member, Aldo Suhartono Putra (LinkedIn profile) as a part of his participation within the Lisk Developers program.

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