Comparability of privateness gear for Win10 which display present personal tastes state at startup?


There are a large number of instrument available in the market promising to make the present Win10 machine extra safe (towards undercover agent and telemetry knowledge) e.g.

– W10Privacy
– Non-public Winten
– O&O Shutup10

– Builtbybel
– SharpApp
– privateness.horny
– Sophia Powershell
– DoNotSpy10

The primary 3 have the vital merit that they learn at startup the present state of the choices from the Win10 machine while
the next gear are very silly and display best their presets and adjustments inside them. So they’re pointless.

Are there some other privateness gear that are ready to turn the true, present state of the setup?

Is there someplace a comparability of the primary 3 gear?