Cordomatic 500P Disassembly

A couple of vintage collectible Cordomatic reels get occasional use within the Basement Laboratory:

Cordomatic 500P reel - installed(*8*)Cordomatic 500P reel – put in

The extension wire reel didn’t latch reliably when wanted, so …

There’s an apparent screw at the different facet and a non-obvious screw hidden in the most obvious position:

(*1*)(*8*)Cordomatic 500P reel – hidden screw

{The electrical} contacts have been in excellent form, even though I smeared the grease across the rings simply to make it appear to be I did one thing:

(*4*)(*8*)Cordomatic 500P reel – contacts

The ratchet pawls disguise underneath a riveted duvet:

Cordomatic 500P reel - pawl cover(*8*)Cordomatic 500P reel – pawl duvet

The duct tape displays I’d been in there as soon as sooner than, most probably for a similar downside, and had already drilled out the rivets.

Alas, I forgot to take an image after casting off the quilt, however the basic thought is to position only a dot of oil at the pivots (which, as you’d be expecting, are the rivets), wiggle the whole thing round, and reassemble in opposite order.

It’ll no doubt paintings lengthy sufficient that I will be able to omit I used to be in there two times sooner than …