A sample of NVIDIA’s unreleased RTX 4090 Ti GPU has supposedly surfaced, with images popping up online that showcase some design qualities that are generally unique to NVIDIA’s Titan cards. In the leaked image you can see that the card carries that slightly gold color aesthetic. As of right now it’s not clear if NVIDIA actually plans to release a Ti version of the RTX 4090 graphics card. Though it’s been said as early as August that NVIDIA cancelled plans to release an RTX 4090 Ti GPU.

If this is the case and NVIDIA doesn’t plan to release such a card, then the one in this image is most certainly a sample that wasn’t intended to be used. And it may not even work without drivers.

The sample images come from a user on Reddit named gamer2live (via VideoCardz) who says they received the sample from an NVIDIA employee directly. That being said details are next to nil on if the card operates. Gamer2live says when receiving the sample it came with a paper label that said RTX 4090 Ti on it. Worth noting though is that the card has the “RTX 4090” etching on it. Sans “Ti.”

Sample or no, an RTX 4090 Ti GPU feels unnecessary

Let’s pretend for a second that NVIDIA didn’t reportedly cancel its plans for an RTX 4090 Ti GPU. Imagine a launch is in the works and NVIDIA is on track to sell one. This is likely a graphics card that is entirely unnecessary for gamers. The RTX 4090 that is available already delivers more than enough performance to power today’s most demanding games at max settings. Even the laptop variant of an RTX 4090 is capable of running games like Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty with full ray tracing. Not to mention the newly added path tracing features. At 4K resolution with a steady 50-60 frames per second on a large display nonetheless.

With a Ti model, gamers would simply be looking at a money sink. All for the purpose of having a card that can deliver slightly better benchmark numbers. That aren’t needed in the first place. All of that said, it’s interesting to see that NVIDIA may have gotten as far as having a complete sample worked up.

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