[Course] react-native: Construction an Customisable Animated Skeleton Loader in React Local

A skeleton loader is a well-liked UI trend for loading displays: as a substitute of a spinner, we display static or an animated placeholder for the tips this is nonetheless loading.

On this route, we undergo 3 instrumental libraries for React Local – Linear Gradient, Masked View, and Reanimated 2 – and in any case, we use them in tandem to construct a Skeleton Loader.

Linear Gradient Expo | (*2*)Natural React Local

Masked View Expo | Natural React Local

Reanimated 2 Expo | (*3*)Natural React Local

This route is constructed the usage of an iOS simulator on undeniable React Local. Nonetheless, it’ll paintings on Expo and Android (you’ll be able to want to practice the related set up directions to be had within the documentation).

The completed code for the skeleton loader (ultimate 2 courses) is to be had on Expo Snack.