Creality LD-002R Overview: MSLA Resin 3-d Printing on a Funds

The smaller of the two printers within the Creality LD-002X circle of relatives, the LD-002R is an MSLA resin 3-d printer with a modest construct quantity, comparatively gradual construct speeds, and a retail worth coming in round a very-reasonable $199. The 2K, 5.5-inch protecting LCD offers the LD-002R an XY accuracy of .075mm whilst the 9 moment publicity time in keeping with layer approach this printer will spend extra time printing than different machines on this worth vary.


Gadget Footprint8.7″ x 8.7″ x 15.9″ (22.1cm x 22.1cm x 40.3cm)
Construct Quantity4.69″ x 2.56″ x 6.30″ (119mm x 65mm x 160mm)
ResinDLP Photopolymer Resin
UV Gentle30W 405nm UV LED
Protecting LCD Answer2560 x 1440
Protecting LCD Measurement5.5″
Interface3.5″ LCD Touchscreen
XY Axis Answer.075mm

Creality LD-002R: Incorporated within the Field 

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The Creality LD-002R contains the entire mechanical elements you wish to have to rise up and operating, together with the resin vat, the construct platform, a USB pressure, and an influence cable. It additionally contains some elementary equipment and consumables like a collection of Allen keys, a broom, an additional FEP movie for the vat and a couple of scrapers for disposing of portions from the construct platform. 

I used to be shocked to look that the LD-002R didn’t send with any nitrile gloves or a surgical face masks, which might be incorporated with equivalent MSLA resin printers just like the Anycubic Photon Mono, Phrozen Sonic 4K, and the Elegoo Mars 2 Professional. It will be useful if the ones pieces had been highlighted within the list as now not being incorporated. It is a minor level, but it surely’s value noting you will have to order the ones pieces with the gadget should you’re making plans on the use of it the similar day you unbox it.


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The construct platform that was once incorporated with our evaluate unit, which we received from Amazon, confirmed transparent indicators of use, together with scratches at the floor, a small quantity of uncured resin at the most sensible, and a few staining provide all over the place the element. I wiped clean it up with some isopropyl alcohol and was once ready to get it having a look somewhat higher, however I wasn’t anticipating the platform to reach in a used state. The remainder of the printer (LCD, Z-axis, and many others.) all glance brand-new and unused, so this may occasionally simply had been an error within the packing procedure. We reached out to Creality customer support and advertising and marketing for remark and, after a number of days, won no reaction, additionally a nasty signal.

Design of Creality LD-002R  


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Very similar to maximum MSLA resin 3-d printers, the Creality LD-002R is composed of four number one elements: a base, a lid, a resin vat, and a construct platform. The bottom at the LD-002R is made out of bent sheet steel and has a considerable really feel to it and the 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD consumer interface is vibrant and responsive. 

The UV-blocking lid is a vibrant orange colour which I love because of how a lot visibility you’ve got into the printer even whilst the lid is on. The resin vat options integrated thumbscrews that make it simple to take away and likewise has markers embossed at the again to turn how complete the vat is. In any case, the construct platform has a four level leveling gadget, very similar to the Anycubic Photon Mono or the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K.


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The Creality LD-002R makes use of a 5.5-inch, 2K protecting LCD with a answer of 2560 x 1440 pixels to dam the sunshine from the UV mild supply which supplies the printer an XY answer of .075mm. The true per-layer treatment time is somewhat complicated in this printer, with the web site spec sheet recommending 4 seconds / layer, the guide recommending 6 seconds / layer, the incorporated check fashion being set at 8 seconds / layer and the slicer settings programmed for 9 seconds / layer.


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The Creality LD-002R options an energetic carbon air filtration unit at the most sensible of the bottom, which attracts air throughout the clear out and out throughout the exhaust of the printer. The air clear out labored effectively throughout my checking out, and disposing of the lid throughout printing made it transparent how a lot air it was once scrubbing. I didn’t see a lifespan for the clear out indexed within the guide, but it surely didn’t appear to lose any efficacy throughout my 45+ hours of checking out.


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The facet of the printer has an get right of entry to panel that may be got rid of to simply get right of entry to the principle controller board of the LD-002R. The wiring is blank {and professional}, and the plastic terminals for the lovers, UV mild supply, and Z-axis motor had been epoxied into position to stop them from coming free throughout transport or printing. I spotted the guide signifies an empty set of headers the place a Wi-Fi module will also be put in, however the Creality LD-002R ships with out one.The prospective so as to add a Wi-Fi module is a aggressive benefit for this printer, however as of this evaluate, Creality does now not seem to supply this module on the market on their website online.

Set Up of Creality LD-002R 

I had the Creality LD-002R up and operating in slightly below an hour, with a non-trivial quantity of that point spent cleansing the construct platform. This printer is a automatically easy gadget, so getting it up and operating is composed most effective of putting in and leveling the construct platform, putting in and filling the vat, striking the duvet on, and hitting ‘Print.’ 

Leveling the Construct Platform on Creality LD-002R 

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The Creality LD-002R makes use of a bracket with four screws to calibrate and align the construct platform so it sits parallel with the protecting LCD and likewise has an offset to atone for the thickness of the FEP movie at the vat. 

Apparently sufficient, the guide incorporated with the LD-002R signifies that the platform will have to be dropped at once onto the LCD, which is able to probably Mod or shatter the display. Whilst the incorporated plastic LCD protector would possibly be offering a slight offset for the first actual stage, as soon as it’s got rid of, you’ll nonetheless wish to use a work of paper between the delicate LCD and the steel construct platform.

Printing Protection with Creality LD-002R 

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The Creality LD-002R makes use of 405nm UV resin, a subject material that you wish to have to care for safely when in an uncured state to steer clear of damage. The resin will also be damaging when making touch with pores and skin, so make sure you put on gloves when pouring, cleansing up, or dealing with uncured resin. I additionally make sure that I’m dressed in gloves when disposing of the construct platform after a print, because the resin has a tendency to pool on most sensible of the platform and will drip off whilst the platform is being got rid of.

You’ll want to use the Creality LD-002R in a well-ventilated room to reduce the chance from breathing in fumes. Any spills or uncured resin caught to a floor will have to be wiped clean the use of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and the container for the resin will have to be saved closed and secured when now not actively pouring subject material.


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After filling the vat with Elegoo Transparent Inexperienced Photopolymer Resin, I spotted a minor factor that may be irritating to customers having a look to completely blank the printer after every print. When the construct platform lowers into the vat, the resin stage rises and climbs over each the platform in addition to a part of the bracket maintaining it in position. This implies the screws at the inside the bracket, which might be tough to succeed in, had been soaked in resin and had been tough for me to scrub, even with the bracket totally got rid of. When put next, the Elegoo Mars 2 Professional has solved this drawback by means of expanding the gap between the bracket and construct platform, which was once a lot more uncomplicated for me to scrub when put next.

Printing the Incorporated Take a look at Print at the Creality LD-002R 

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The Creality LD-002R ships with a USB stick that comprises a check print titled ‘Eiffel Tower 8s.ctb’. Opening this fashion within the incorporated Chitubox tool gave me an estimated construct time of 16 hours and 57 mins; it is a considerable time funding for a check print, particularly one that makes use of most effective 10.6 grams of subject material.

I’m now not keen on check prints that exceed two or three hours. Preferably the print will have to be speedy sufficient so that you can be provide and apply the gadget to look the way it works and temporarily repair any problems that can pop up throughout your first print. 


(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

The Eiffel Tower fashion if truth be told took 19 hours and 15 mins to print out, which is way more time than I’m in most cases pleased with for a primary print. To provide Creality credit score, the fashion revealed with out a problems and the element at the fashion was once eye-poppingly crisp. Then again, I nonetheless suppose {that a} extra lifelike technical demonstration is sensible for a primary print, as a 19-hour failure may purpose critical issues if the vat is punctured, the LCD is cracked, or different issues happen. 


(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

Regardless of the 19+ hour print time, I used to be inspired with the wonderful element at the check fashion. The smallest characteristic (the rails surrounding the primary stage) measured round .15mm in thickness, which is correct round two times the minimal XY answer. Printing a posh lattice construction like this additionally highlights the stress of the movement gadget, as any play within the gantry or Z axis would display up as asymmetric or disconnected layers.


(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

Getting ready Recordsdata for Printing with Chitubox 


(Symbol credit score: Chitubox)

The Creality LD-002R makes use of the incorporated Chitubox tool for uploading, getting ready, and exporting information to the printer. Chitubox is a sturdy tool that gives the power to import a fashion, hole the fashion, upload drain holes, and extra. Chitubox has a local profile for the Creality LD-002R integrated, which supposed all I needed to do was once choose “Creality LD-002R” from the configuration to get began.


(Symbol credit score: Anycubic)

The profile supplied by means of Creality has an publicity time of nine seconds, because of this every layer of the print (after the ground layers) receives nine seconds of UV publicity. In comparison to the two-second publicity time of the Anycubic Photon Mono and equivalent Mono LCD printers, this interprets to very lengthy print instances on tall portions. The carry and retract velocity settings also are about one 3rd of the rate of the Photon Mono, which additionally upload to the entire print time.

Printing with the Creality LD-002R 

(Symbol credit score: Chitubox)

The primary fashion I revealed was once the Higher frame of a large, Klytios, a 2d Century BC sculpture scanned and digitized by means of the Staten Museum for Kunst (Nationwide Museum of Denmark). This fashion has a variety of wonderful element visual at the face and hair, which makes it a great check fashion. 

Layer Peak0.05 mm
Backside Publicity Time50 seconds
Publicity Time9.0 seconds
Backside Layer Depend10

I used the default resin profile incorporated in Chitubox (CREALITY Basic-purpose resin for LCD) for this print, which has a nine moment publicity time and a backside publicity time of fifty seconds for the primary 10 layers.


(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

This bust revealed in seven hours and eight mins, virtually a complete hour longer than the unique print estimate of six hours and 15 mins. The raft that clings to the construct platform to anchor the helps revealed was once somewhat misaligned, and the second one layer regarded find it irresistible was once offset reasonably from the primary. Regardless of this, the fashion itself revealed with none visual defects and I used to be ready to peel away the fortify subject material simply after rinsing the fashion.


(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

The wonderful element at the hair and beard of the fashion seems sharp and transparent, and the one visual stepping is at the chest and nostril of the fashion the place the layers had been parallel with the construct platform. Total, the extent of element in this fashion is what I’d be expecting from a 2K LCD on an MSLA resin 3-d printer, but it surely doesn’t slightly have the similar prime answer because the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, which is in a position to print small fashions like this with virtually two times as a lot element at the XY airplane.

(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

Printing Miniatures at the Creality LD-002R

(Symbol credit score: Chitubox)

To check out the element when printing miniatures, I revealed the Power Crystal fashion from Loot Studios to look how the LD-002R would carry out. The fashion has a skinny base with a dense patch of fortify constructions in addition to more than one tall fortify constructions which prolong to the highest of the fashion. The section revealed out in slightly below six hours and I used to be simply ready to snap the fortify subject material off the fashion with out harmful even the smallest characteristic.


(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

The element at the base regarded nice, and I used to be inspired with how simple the fortify elimination procedure was once. The one drawback I bumped into was once the dimpled floor at the very backside of the fashion which was once left by means of the dense fortify construction.


(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

Creality gives two MSLA resin 3-d printers within the LD-002X circle of relatives; the LD-002R, the topic of this evaluate, and the LD-002H. The main distinction between the two is the LCD used for protecting; the LD-002R makes use of a 5.5” RGB LCD display which calls for an extended publicity time whilst the LD-002H makes use of a 6.08” inch Mono LCD which may make layers at virtually four instances the rate. Mono LCD displays permit extra of the UV publicity to succeed in the vat, which very much reduces the period of time required to treatment every layer.

To get a clearer image of the construct time distinction between the Creality LD-002R and a printer with a Mono LCD, I in comparison the Eiffel Tower print from the $199 LD-002R with the Verdant King print I made at the $240 Anycubic Photon Mono. MSLA resin printers create portions layer by means of layer, versus the volumetric method utilized by FDM filament printers because of this the entire print time is most often in accordance with the peak of the fashion, now not the width or quantity of subject material used.

Anycubic Photon MonoCreality LD-002R
Publicity Time2.0 seconds9.0 Seconds
Raise Pace180mm/min65mm/min
Retract Pace240mm/min150mm/min
Print Peak118.73mm120.93mm
Print Time6 Hours19 Hours 15 Mins
Print Pace19.79mm/hour6.28mm/hour

The variation in print velocity is dramatic because of the variations within the publicity time and raise speeds. Those settings are in my opinion adjustable within the Chitubox tool, however it may be tough for a amateur to know how those parameters can have an effect on a published section. Whilst it’s simple to extend the carry and retract speeds in addition to scale back the publicity time at the Creality LD-002R, a amateur shouldn’t wish to center of attention on those adjustments to get high quality prints, and an skilled consumer received’t need to spend time dialing the printer in thru a technique of trial-and-error.

Backside Line


(Symbol credit score: Tom’s {Hardware})

To start with look, spending not up to $200 on an MSLA Resin 3-d printer turns out like a discount. Then again, the one factor we will be able to by no means purchase is time and the Creality LD-002R takes a ton of it to finish a fashion. The truth that our store-bought evaluate unit had a clearly-used platform and that we didn’t obtain a reaction from Creality additionally makes us all in favour of high quality keep watch over and buyer fortify.

The $30 distinction between the Creality LD-002R and the Anycubic Photon Mono makes the space between those two machines appear that a lot higher, with the Photon Mono providing awesome options and specifications around the board for just a relatively-small price building up. The RGB LCD utilized by the LD-002R suffers from a comparatively lengthy publicity time in comparison towards MSLA resin 3-d printers just like the Anycubic Photon Mono that use a Mono LCD for sooner print speeds.

If you happen to’re on the lookout for the cheap MSLA resin 3-d printer at a worth level of beneath $200 and need to keep within the Creality ecosystem of goods, the LD-002R is also a have compatibility for you. Then again, you’ll want numerous endurance whilst looking ahead to the ones prints and hoping for any reaction from Creality customer support.