Deleting Online-Only Items

(*3*) Outlook 2007 Deleted pieces

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on IMAP when you set within the config operations for each and every account you’ve got the issues with — Root Folder –>INBOX there will have to then be a deleted pieces folder. Restart outlook and while you delete pieces they will have to then cross to the deleted pieces folder. Use Empty folder to purge the e-mail.

Outlook 2007 and 2022 will paintings the similar

Step 1 in account config –>change–>complex select the ultimate tab after which input INBOX (in English will have to be Root Folder within the menu)


Step 2 now do New folder on tab 3 and create Deleted Pieces at the server for the account


Step 3 transfer mouse to newly created folder for deleted pieces – your deleted pieces will have to now cross into that folder after you restart Outlook. You’ll have to transport the underlined mail and so on first after which purge.


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