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DFS cache issue

DFS Namespace issue

I’ve got an issue with network shares containing shortcuts of themselves. This creates and endless loop when searching, among other issues. When attempting to delete the shortcuts, I would receive errors. Using fsutil i was able to find that these shortcuts
are DFS Reparsepoints, and also was able to remove the reparsepoints and delete the folders (article). But they
kept coming back.

It took a really long time, but I finally figured out that each of the shares with this issue has a DFS Namespace set up, and I believe that the issue is how the targets were created. For instance the shares with this problem exist as such: \\Server1\Share1
and \\Server2\Share1 (these are replicated to each other). The namespace is listed as \\DomainName\Share but its namespace path is \\DomainName\Share1\Share1. I believe this is causing the namespace to create this reparsepoint INSIDE the share instead of
AS the share.

I hope this isn’t coming across as gibberish. How do I fix this? I can’t simply edit the namespace path, and I’m afraid deleting the namespace itself will break everything.