Ten Little Indians: 20th Century Studios is growing a movie adaptation

According to what reported through Deadline, 20th Century Studios is reportedly growing a brand new movie adaptation of And Then There Were None, the well-known novel recognized in Italy with the name of Ten Little Indians. The movie, then, will likely be in accordance with the well-known novel of Agatha Christie and used to be first described as a brand new interpretation that will likely be written through the married couple Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel, the authors of the script of Seberg with Kristen Stewart.

Ten Little Indians used to be first printed in 1939 and tells the tale of ten strangers who’re despatched on an island through an unknown stranger. Each of them has a secret to cover and an uncongenial crime that you simply will have to pay. Among the protagonists emerges a playboy philanthropist, a pass judgement on, considerate and being concerned, and a physician, stressed, a detective competitive, a terrifying mercenary, a spinster extremely spiritual, two servants, just a little playful, a normal award, and a secretary, shy, and concerned. Little through little right through their keep, they start to die.

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