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DNS Changer Pro 1314r Apk Mod

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DNS Changer Pro: Mobile Data, WiFi Mod Apk: DNS Changer allows you to easily change DNS addresses and check the performance of DNS servers. It works without root and can be used for WiFi or Mobile Network Data Connection. It is much faster than regular VPNs. Try DNS Changer Android for yourself.

How to Change DNS

• Explore your favorite sites and apps freely

* View privately

* Keep your data safe when using public Wi-Fi

Get the fastest internet browsing experience

* Better online gaming experience

Connect in a single tap – No registration, login, or password needed

DNS Changer: Mobile Data, WiFi Mod Apk

What can it do to improve my internet connection?

Your DNS may be the problem if you are experiencing slow web surfing speeds despite having a fast Internet connection. Optimizing the DNS records on your device can help you find the best routes to send your data over the Internet. While it wont increase your download/upload speed, in certain cases you may notice a significant improvement in web browsing times.

Sometimes, you might experience slow internet speeds from your device. These problems may be caused by DNS issues at your ISP. Your DNS server speed might not be the highest.

The speed at which you can connect to websites will depend on the default DNS server. Choosing the server closest to you will speed up your browsing.

DNS Changer allows you to quickly find and connect with the fastest DNS servers.

You can improve your gaming and browsing experience by changing DNS settings. You should also remember DNS settings wont affect internet download/upload speed but will impact response times.

Although test results indicated a 132.1% improvement in performance using Googles DNS servers over the stock DNS servers, it may not work as fast in practice. This one trick might make you feel like youre finally connected to the internet.

With the DNS speed test feature

* Connect and Find the Fastest DNS Server Based on Your Location and Network.

• Increase web surfing speed and get faster responses.

For a better online gaming experience, fix lags and decrease latency (ping times)

DNS Speed Test will improve your network connections. Connect to the fastest DNS server with just one touch.

Download DNS Changer: Mobile Data, WiFi Mod Apk

The Key Features

  • There is no root
  • It does not use any system resources (RAM/CPU/Battery, etc.).
  • DNS Speed Test: Locate the fastest DNS server to connect.
  • Support for WiFi/Mobile Data Network (2G/3G/4G/5G).
  • Support for optional IPv4 or IPv6 DNS
  • Support for smartphones and tablets
  • Browse the internet faster
  • Improve online gaming experience
  • You can use preconfigured DNS list or
  • You can use any IPv4 and IPv6 custom DNS servers you wish
  • Simple design
  • Stay up-to-date with the most recent Android versions