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Does anyone remember the humble PocketMod?

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NEWS – Make a free PocketMod so you’ll know if you need ‘em! PocketMod is a free, foldable, small notebook made from a single sheet of printer paper. Sometimes paper is just faster if you need to glance at your week, make notes during a phone call, or check a date later in the year. 

The website is still at but if you look at the ‘Community’ tab, the last input was two years ago.

For now, you can still design a PocketMod at the ‘Build’ tab in the hamburger menu at the top left. 

Once you make one or several PocketMods of any configuration you can save one of each as a master paper copy, and copy them from then on. 

I find PocketMods indispensable for phone notes when I’m out and away from a desk. Sure I know how to use the speakerphone feature and go to Google Keep to make notes during a call, but paper is simply simpler. 

My current PocketMod configuration is ‘NOTES’ at the top of the front page, a year calendar on the back page, and a dot matrix on each page inside for neater note taking. You can set pages with dots, scalable grid lines, horizontal lines, day, week, month pages, and many more choices. Play around with it and see if a free PocketMod is useful to you.  No charge ! (Or charging.)