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Download Apple iPad 10 & iPad Pro (2022) Wallpapers

Apple recently announced the iPad 10 and iPad 10 Pro (2022) models, and as expected, they do come with new wallpapers. Well, if you’re interested in those, you can now grab them.

Both iPad 10 & iPad Pro (2022) wallpapers are now available to download

The iPad 10 comes in four color variants, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Silver. For each of those colors, Apple included two wallpapers, one for dark mode, and one for light mode. So, that’s a total of 8 wallpapers.

These wallpapers actually represent four circles, and each of them has one of the new iPad colors. These are abstract wallpapers, of course, this is Apple, after all. You can check them all out in the gallery below Do note that you’ll need to hit the download link below the article to get them in full size, though.


The iPad Pro (2022) comes in two color options, and four new wallpapers

The iPad Pro (2022) comes in Space Gray and Silver colorways. For these two variants, Apple included Magenta and Blue wallpapers, for some reason. You do get two variants for each wallpaper, though, similar to what the company did for the iPad 10.

One of them is for dark mode, and one for light mode. That’s a total of 4 wallpaper, in addition to the 8 from the iPad 10. These ones are different, though, as you can see in the gallery below. These wallpapers have been compressed, though, so you’ll need to reach for the link below the article to download them in full resolution.

The iPad 10 actually got announced with a design overhaul, to make it resemble other, more recent iPad models. It has flat edges, and everything you’d expect for a modern iPad design.


The iPad Pro, on the flip side, got a minor spec bump compared to its predecessor. It has the M2 chipset now, and has support for the new Apple Pencil hover feature.