Greetings;(*3*)I’ve a twin boot Home windows / Ubuntu Linux device with:(*2*)One SSD for WindowsOS / One SSD for UbuntuOS(*1*)(*3*)Power 1. One GPT 4TB NTFS force for all Home windows recordsdata(*2*)Power 2. One 500GB ext4 force for Linux House(*1*)(*3*)Power 3. One GPT 4TB NTFS force for BACKUP(*1*)(*3*)My model of fault tolerance presently is to run duplicity to create backups of Power 1 and Power 2 which I placed on Power 3. Then once a year I symbol Power 3 and transfer it offsite.(*2*)I notice this isn’t optimum, however what I truly am keen on is:(*1*)(*3*)Does the report machine of BACKUP force 3: topic ? I do know NTFS has it is problems, would I be operating the ones duplicity backups to Power C if it used to be formatted ext4 ?, exFat ? or does it merely now not make any distinction ? (*1*)

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