Dyson V15 Come across Dyson V15 Come across

Dyson makes one of the crucial absolute best vacuum cleaners available on the market, that includes spectacular suction chronic and a spread of high-tech options to make one of probably the most monotonous family chores as fast and painless as conceivable.

Its newest cordless vacuum, the Dyson V15 Come across Absolute, is not any exception – it’s probably the most robust cordless vacuum the logo has ever produced, and Dyson has additionally redesigned the hard-floor cleansing head to incorporate a laser that highlights microscopic mud debris that will differently stay invisible to the bare eye. 

The V15 Come across Absolute too can rely and determine the dimensions of the mud debris it collects, exhibiting the guidelines on a LCD display, so you’ll be able to see proof that your vacuuming consultation is giving your flooring a in point of fact deep blank.  

The LCD show, which was once first noticed at the V15’s predecessor; the Dyson V11 vary, additionally items knowledge at the closing run-time and the facility degree decided on. And, just like the V11 vary, the V15 Come across Absolute can mechanically regulate the facility to fit the kind of surface it’s cleansing when used with the Top Torque cleansing head.   

Dyson says the battery will last as long as 60 mins between fees when the cleaner is used at the lowest chronic surroundings, even supposing this decreases to 15 mins for those who’re the use of the utmost degree. The battery could also be detachable, so you’ll be able to switch it for a fully-charged one (you’ll want to acquire an extra battery one after the other) to reduce interruptions in your cleansing classes. 

The additional tech within the Dyson V15 Come across method it weighs in at simply over 1lb / 500g heavier than the V11 Absolute, so are the additional weight, and the hefty price ticket, justified by means of the vacuum’s cleansing chronic and sensible options? We put it to the check to determine.


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Dyson V15 Come across Absolute value and availability

  •  Record value: $699.99 / £599.99 / AU$1,399 

The Dyson V15 Come across Absolute, which is known as the Dyson V15 Come across in america, and the Dyson V15 Come across General Blank in Australia, is priced at $699.99 / £599.99 / AU$1,399. It’s available for purchase now international.

In america and the United Kingdom, a 2nd fashion could also be to be had. It has a bigger 0.5-gallon / 1.9-litre mud bin however does not have the acoustic mud sensor. It is referred to as the Dyson Outsize Absolute+ in america and is derived with two batteries for $899.99 (round £650 / AU$1,200),  whilst in the United Kingdom it is referred to as the Dyson Outsize Absolute and is priced at £699.99 (round $990 / AU$1,275),  even supposing it handiest comes with one battery.

In Australia, the second one fashion is known as the Dyson V15 Come across Absolute Additional; this comes with a free-standing dock and an additional HEPA to lure much more microscopic debris. It’s priced at AU$1,449 (round $1,125 / £800).

As we’ve discussed, the battery is swappable, and extra batteries are priced at $149 / £85 / AU$199.99


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  • 0.2-gallon / 0.75-litre mud bin
  • LCD show presentations degree of mud accrued and closing run time
  • Comes with eight equipment 

At the floor the Dyson V15 Come across Absolute appears to be like similar to the V11 vary, comprising the motor, 1-inch / 2.6cm colour LCD show, the motor, which creates the suction, the cyclones that generate centrifugal drive to verify mud and mud keep within the canister, and the 0.2-gallon / 0.75-liter mud bin on the best. Weighing in at 6.8 lb / 3.1kg, it is one of the bigger, heavier cordless vacuums we’ve examined. 

Below the hood, then again, the V15 Come across Absolute will get some critical upgrades over its predecessor, with the motor producing 230 air watts – that’s 24% extra suction chronic than the V11 vary – whilst the acoustic piezo sensor makes use of sound to trace the quantity and form of mud debris the vacuum collects, exhibiting this data at the LCD display together with the remainder battery degree and the facility degree decided on. 

TheV15 Come across ships with two cleansing heads; the Laser Slender Fluffy cleaner head, which has a cushy brush bar to verify challenging flooring aren’t broken, is likely one of the equipment bundled with the vacuum cleaner. This includes a magnificence 1 laser diode (so it’s protected for people and pets) fastened at an perspective of 1.5 levels and 7.2mm off the bottom, which tasks a beam of inexperienced mild in entrance of the cleansing head to spotlight microscopic mud debris which might be invisible to the attention. 

The V15 Come across additionally comes with the Top-Torque cleansing head, that after used on Auto Mode, will regulate the facility to fit the kind of surface you’re cleansing when the use of. On the other hand, not like the model that ships with the V11 vary, it now has 56 polycarbonate enamel that shred hair into small sections,  to forestall it getting tangled across the bristles of the cleansing head.  

The V15 Come across Absolute has three chronic ranges, which may also be decided on the use of the button on best of the vacuum cleaner; and prefer different Dyson cordless vacuums, you’ll be able to convert the V15 Come across Absolute right into a hand held cleaner by means of taking away the primary wand and attaching any of the eight equipment it comes with without delay to the mud canister. 

Considered one of which is the anti-tangle hair screw software – this compact conical brush has tufts of bristles angled at 45 levels, making sure that strands of puppy and human hair mechanically transfer in opposition to the slimmer finish of the software, the place they’re sucked into the mud canister, slightly than getting stuck across the brush itself. 

The V15 Come across Absolute has a swappable battery constructed into the maintain, to cut back interruptions in your cleansing consultation, assuming you buy an extra battery. Dyson says the battery lasts as much as 60 mins between fees, however this is dependent upon what chronic surroundings you’re the use of the vacuum on. A docking station and charging cable also are incorporated with the vacuum cleaner.


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  • Extraordinarily robust suction
  • Laser highlights mud that invisible to the attention
  • Top Torque head will regulate the suction in keeping with the mud ranges detected

On all chronic ranges, the Dyson V15 Come across Absolute sucked up all of the fantastic mud, biscuit crumbs and cereal we sprinkled on carpets and difficult flooring with simply one gradual cross, and it glided simply over each ground varieties too. Once we used the Top Torque cleansing head and switched to Auto mode, the vacuum cleaner mechanically larger the suction when the acoustic piezo sensor detected excessive ranges of mud, and diminished it when it sensed the mud ranges shedding. 

We had been ready to look the sort and quantity of mud sucked up by means of the V15 Come across at the LED show, which depicted the other mud debris as a colourful bar graph, whilst the remainder runtime is proven under the graph. We had been additionally ready to make use of the button at the best of the vacuum cleaner to regulate the suction chronic. 

On best of that, we had been inspired by means of simply how a lot mud the Laser Slender Fluffy cleaner head actually did spotlight on our challenging flooring. We intentionally neglected the perimeters of a room with challenging flooring, after which driven the top in opposition to those edges – with the golf green laser illuminated we had been stunned by means of simply how a lot mud, which wasn’t in the past visual, was once at the surface. 

As discussed, the Dyson V15 Come across Absolute additionally ships with the brand new anti-tangle hair screw software, which is designed for taking away puppy and human hair from smaller surfaces comparable to sofas and automotive seats. Right through our trying out, we intentionally got rid of a clump of human hair from a hair brush and positioned it at the settee, then used the vacuum with the anti-tangle software hooked up to vacuum it up – we had been inspired to look that it was once sucked directly into the canister with out getting tangled across the bar within the software.

Changing the vacuum to hand held mode and again once more was once easy – as on different Dyson cleaners this calls for taking away the primary wand – even supposing we did to find it was once quite heavier to make use of on this mode than earlier Dyson vacuums, and we weren’t ready to scrub up excessive for lengthy prior to our arm started aching.

We discovered the V15 Come across Absolute simple to drain too – as soon as the wand and any cleansing attachments had been got rid of, we had been ready to make use of the lever at the again of the mud canister to open the lid and eject the particles within the bin in one swift transfer. 

The vacuum was once pleasingly quiet when used on decrease chronic settings, however on the most suction our decibel meter registered 81db, which has similarities to a truck travelling down the street at 40mph, making it one of the louder cordless vacuums we’ve examined. 


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Battery lifestyles

  • Levels from 15 to 60 mins relying at the chronic surroundings 
  • Battery takes 5 hours to completely recharge
  • Swappable battery reduces interruptions to cleansing 

As we’ve discussed, Dyson claims the battery will last as long as 60 mins at the lowest-power, Eco, surroundings, and all the way through our trying out we controlled a decent 59 mins prior to the vacuum wanted recharging. It took round five hours to completely recharge the battery the use of the bundled charger.

As we’ve discussed, the battery, which attaches to the maintain of the vacuum cleaner, may also be swapped out to be sure that your cleansing consultation is not interrupted – equipped you buy further batteries after all. 

(*11*)Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

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Will have to I purchase the Dyson V15 Come across Absolute?

Purchase it if…

You need to grasp that your own home is punctiliously blank
With an LCD display that may display you simply how a lot mud and particles has been got rid of out of your flooring, the Dyson V15 Come across Absolute is a superb selection for individuals who wish to be reassured that they’ve given their house a radical blank. 

You might have challenging flooring in your house
One of the crucial primary options of the Dyson V15 Come across is its talent to spotlight microscopic mud debris on challenging flooring with a laser, making it best for individuals who don’t have carpet of their house.

You need robust suction
The Dyson V15 Come across is a formidable vacuum that may suck up the entirety in its trail in one sweep. If you wish to have robust suction, this cleaner suits the invoice. 

Do not purchase it if…

You’re on the cheap
At $699.99 / £599.99 / AU$1,399, that is one of Dyson’s costliest vacuum cleaners, so for those who’re on the cheap you’re choosing an older Dyson fashion, such because the V8, which continues to be nice at sucking up mud and particles however isn’t full of the most recent era. 

You might have a big house
With a dirt canister that holds 0.2 gallons / 0.75 liters, you’ll to find your self having to forestall cleansing to drain the bin when you’ve got a bigger house. Imagine one of the Dyson’s greater vacuums, such because the Dyson V11 Outsize, as a substitute. 

You don’t need a loud vacuum
Whilst it’s rather quiet on decrease chronic settings, this vacuum is as loud as a truck doing 40mph on its most surroundings, so keep away from it for those who crave quiet home equipment.  

First reviewed: Would possibly 2021