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Dysterra Brings Sci-Fi Survival to Early Access on November 24

Apocalyptic Sci-Fi games have pretty much become a bit of a popular trend in gaming. Some games have thrown new spins on the genre, and some others take place in distant worlds from Earth due to it becoming a desolated wasteland. In the case of Dysterra, we see players trying to survive in such a place as they fight against oblivion in an unrelenting version of Earth.

The game uses a First Person Shooter-style gameplay. Players will have to survive the elements (and each other) in a harsh, unrelenting version of Earth where humanity is on the brink of oblivion. Complete with traditional survival elements, including looting, crafting, and building, Dysterra also promises nail-biting, risk, and reward gameplay.

In this dystopian Earth setting, players fight to collect the most prized mineral left on the planet. They can craft items and build bases to survive and compete against others players and non-player characters (NPCs). Controlling the various landmarks dispersed across the regions lets clever players harness the climate, bringing earthquakes and other natural cataclysms to their rivals

Dysterra is developed by Kakao Games and Reality MagiQ. You might know Kakao due to the work they have provided for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and for developing Path of Exile. Reality MagiQ is a South Korean studio that is comprised of various veteran game developers. The game will enter Early Access after a successful multiplayer beta back in May.

Players can either face off against each other in a PvP setting or cooperate with other allies in PvE. Alternatively, players can boot up single-player and take on the task of saving a doomed planet Earth alone. The choices might be stark, but they come with a potentially huge payoff.

All will happen on Steam Early Access once Dysterra reaches its release on November 24. However, if you download the game from now until December 31, you’ll be able to receive a limited Early Access skin as you join the race for survival.