E-paper Price Tags Combined To Create A Large Wireless Display


E-paper worth tags have turn into common for retail shops during the last few years, which is excellent for hackers since we’ve some extra reasonable commodity {hardware} to play with. [Aaron Christophel] went all on growing grid presentations with E-paper worth tags, as much as a 20×15 grid.

E-paper worth tags are nice for these kind of tasks, since they’re wi-fi, light-weight, and will closing a very long time with the onboard batteries. To mount the person tags at the plywood backboard,[Aaron] merely glued Velcro to the backboard of the tags. The presentations’ firmware is according to the opposite engineering paintings of [Dmitry Grinberg], flashed to a couple of hundred tags the usage of a handy (*3*)3-D published pogo pin programming jig. All of the presentations are managed by means of a Zigbee USB dongle plugged right into a PC working station instrument.

[Aaron] may be experimenting with the presentations got rid of from their enclosure and popped right into a 3-D published grid body. The drawback is the lack of the battery holders and the antenna, that are each built-in into the enclosure. He plans to get round this through powering the presentations from a unmarried massive battery, and connecting an ESP32 to the presentations by means of ISP or UART.

This mission comes scorching at the heels of every other E-ink grid show mission that makes use of Bluetooth and a reasonably suave replace scheme.

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