Epic Video games paid over $11 million at no cost video games till September 2021


The attention-grabbing paperwork given to us from the Epic vs Apple trial stay on coming, this time giving us knowledge on simply how a lot Epic Video games paid for his or her unfastened video games up till September 2021. 

The file used to be noticed and (*3*)tweeted by means of GameDiscoverCo founder Simon Carless, whos to find lists the entire unfastened video games that got away at the Epic Video games Retailer up till September 2021, and precisely how a lot used to be paid for them.

The record presentations a variety of bills from Epic Video games that can undoubtedly make a few of the ones at the record rather miffed. Ubisoft, for example, most effective were given $63,000 for For Honor, whilst Funcom won $1,000,000 for Mutant 12 months 0 most effective two weeks later.

Topping out as the most costly sport at the record is Batman Arkham from Warner Bros. which won a staggering $1,500,000 to be given away at no cost. In the meantime Koch Media’s Metro: 2033 Redux used to be given to Epic, then given away by means of Epic for completely not anything. 

(*7*)(*4*)(*9*)Need to know the way a lot $ the devs of the ones ‘unfastened’ Epic Video games Retailer video games were given, & what number of copies have been grabbed? This is the primary 9 months to September 2021. ? percent.twitter.com/5hkLb1VEjj

— Simon Carless (@simoncarless) (*1*)Might 3, 2021

This record doesn’t simply display how a lot Epic paid for each and every identify, which might be attention-grabbing sufficient by itself. But in addition how again and again each and every identify used to be redeemed, and likewise what number of new Epic accounts have been created for that unfastened sport. 

Essentially the most a success identify in that regard used to be the primary unfastened sport, Subnautica, which drew in a staggering 804,052 new accounts to the platform, while being redeemed a complete of 4,634,826 instances. 

This ended in a value of $1.74 in keeping with new person, a ways upper than the most affordable person attractor of Global Of Goo, which introduced in 115,215 new customers at just a value of $0.32 apiece.