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Ethernet speed capped at 10mbps

Ethernet speed limited to 10mbps

Hi everyone,

I need to figure out why my speed is limited to 10mbps when using ethernet. I have Spectrum internet with a router. I don’t have the top speed available, but it should be going faster than this. When I run a speed test while using ethernet, it seems to be capped at 10mbps. If I run the same test on wifi, the speed is much faster, but I need the stability of ethernet. I have a gigabit ethernet controller. My desktop and a hard drive are the only devices connected via ethernet, my phone and roku use wifi. Can you help me figure out what is going on here?

Ethernet speed capped at 10mbps d7d1ad3c-00fc-4c8d-8eb2-7301a2b08c35?upload=true.png