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Eve will bring its Apple-only smart home products to Android, thanks to Matter [U]

Matter is set to unify large parts of the smart home ecosystem, and one side effect of that will be the ability for products that once worked with just one assistant or device can expand to new customers. That’s what Eve had to share at IFA 2022, where it revealed that its Apple-only lineup of smart home products would be coming to Android, and at CES 2023, we’re getting a better idea of when that might happen.

Eve will release an app on Android which brings support for the brand’s smart home products to the platform for the first time. Previously, Eve was only available with support for iOS and HomeKit.

Update 1/4/: At CES 2023, Eve announced that its first Matter products will ship on March 28, and we’re told that the Android app should be live around that date as well.

Along with Android support, Eve says that Matter will bring support for its products to Google Assistant as well as Alexa and Samsung SmartThings.

14 of Eve’s existing products will be compatible with Matter and, in turn, Android and Google Assistant. This will be enabled through software updates to the Thread-enabled products. Eve says:

Eve’s former Bluetooth range is now an all-Thread lineup, offering 14 products that are ready to support Matter. These Thread-enabled Eve products, currently working exclusively with Apple Home, will begin receiving free over-the-air firmware updates so, over time, they can be used with other smart home systems, like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Samsung SmartThings. Alongside these updates, Eve will release a version of the Eve App for Android by end of this year.

Prior to its Android expansion, Eve has offered smart home products ranging including light bulbs/strips, smart plugs, security cameras, motion sensors, water sensors, and an air quality monitor. At IFA 2022, the brand is also announcing MotionBlinds, a third-generation Light Switch, and a new version of its outdoor camera in white. 9to5Mac has the full breakdown on what’s new.

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