Carl Pei’s Nothing has established an identity for itself over the years. It’s been working on carving out its niche in the Android ecosystem. So, this is why it’s surprising that the company is working on a 3rd-party client for an Apple product. Nothing is working on an iMessage client called Nothing Chat.

It’s a battle as old as time itself… well, in tech years; we’re talking about the Green bubble Blue bubble war. If you don’t have an iPhone, your chats will appear in green bubbles on your recipient’s phone. The sacred Blue bubble is something that many people say that Android users covet (spoiler: it’s not), and it’s been something that’s become a part of Apple culture.

Nothing is coming out with Nothing Chats, and it’s an iMessage client

Nothing is coming out with a chat app that will launch for the Nothing Phone (2). The reports only point to this app coming to the Nothing Phone (2) and not the Nothing Phone (1). However, we’ll have to wait for future developments. What does this have to do with iMessage?

Well, Nothing Chat will be powered by Sunbird, a third-party iMessage client that launched last year. It’s been gaining traction over the past couple of months, and it was able to cross 10,000 downloads on the Play Store. It’s not huge, but that’s 10,000 more blue bubbles in the world.

Right now, the company is beta testing this new app, so there’s no telling when we should expect to see it hit the public. Also, this is going to be a Nothing-branded app, so don’t expect to use it if you don’t have one of the Nothing Phones.

Speaking of which, you can pick up the Nothing Phone (2) for an affordable $699. It’s notably more expensive than the Nothing Phone (1), but that’s because of the upgraded processor. However, you’re getting a powerful and well-optimized smartphone experience with that phone. You’ll have Nothing OS 2 along with software additions that characterize the Nothing aesthetic.

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