Excursion Simple: Uneven Handlebar Grips

Putting in the (*8*)Bafang BBS02 motor on Mary’s Excursion Simple changed the triple chainring, so I got rid of the entrance derailleur and SRAM grip shifter. This produced enough space for the thumb throttle and a full-length handgrip at the left facet:

(*10*)Tour Easy grips - left installed
Excursion Simple grips – left put in

The spherical button is the PTT transfer for the HT.

The proper handlebar nonetheless has the rear shifter, so it calls for a shorter grip:

(*10*)Tour Easy grips - right installed
Excursion Simple grips – proper put in

Even if it can be imaginable to shop for any such grip and, thereby, get a backup pair of mismatched grips, it gave the impression (*19*)more uncomplicated simple to only shorten the grip to the proper size and be completed with it.

Noticed off a handy size of aluminum rod:

Excursion Simple grips – mandrel sawing

Even if I in fact used a (*7*)stable leisure to provide this, it took place throughout a far flung Squidwrench assembly and I haven’t any evidence:

(*10*)Tour Easy grips - lathe mandrel
Excursion Simple grips – lathe mandrel

The 22.2 mm = 7/8 inch finish suits the more-or-less usual handlebar diameter, so the grip clamp can get a just right hang:

Excursion Simple grips – proper peeled

A reside middle helps the correct finish of the grip.

The purple coating appears to be gooey silicone rubber molded atop a PVC tube. Reasonably than (attempt to) use a lathe bit to chop throughout the silicone, I lower two slits with a software knife and the spindle turning slowly in opposite, then peeled off the rubber between the slits.

With the silicone out of the way in which, an unusual cutoff device made brief paintings of the PVC:

Excursion Simple grips – proper trimming

That was once a cleanup go with the software knife, because the cutoff device left a slight flange round a part of the circumference. If I had the braveness of my convictions, I may most definitely have lower the PVC with the knife.

Chamfer the top of the lower, slide it at the handlebar, tighten the clamp, and it’s all just right.

The alert reader will observe the clamp must pass on first, however that might produce an inconvenient lump towards the correct shifter. Sliding them on backwards places the clamp on the finish of the handlebar and works out higher on this admittedly bizarre scenario.