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Who doesn’t want a stunning, big screen TV for the holidays? Well the good news is, now you can get one for even less. Samsung’s popular Q80C series is currently on sale, with the 85-inch model coming in at just $1,997. That is a whopping $1,300 off of its regular price, and does bring it down to an all-time low.

This is the 2023 model from Samsung, which just launched in April. So to see it discounted by almost half already, is rather impressive. It’s good to see, and this is the advertised Black Friday price. So you can buy it now and not worry about it dropping in price in the next couple of weeks.

Samsung’s Q80C is one of their higher-end QLED TV models. So why should you buy it over some of the other QLED TVs on the market? Well, a big reason for this one is the picture quality. QLED already looks really good, however the Q80C takes up a notch. With Quantum HDR+ and HLG supported, giving you a really incredible HDR picture on this big screen TV. Samsung does not offer Dolby Vision here, because they would rather support the open source alternative, which is fine, it’s still a great looking panel.

On top of that, Samsung has included some really great gaming features with this TV. That includes Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ and Samsung Gaming Hub. With the Gaming Hub, you can start playing cloud games at the press of a button. Samsung does support NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna, as well as a few other titles. And Motion Xcelerator is Samsung’s branding for 4K120. That’s going to allow you to plug in your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and play all of your favorite games at 4K120, which is mindblowing.

Inside the Samsung Q80C, there is Tizen running the show. That’s Samsung’s own TV software, which has support for a ton of great apps. These include Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, Max and much more. On top of that, there is support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Bixby of course. This lets you control the TV with your voice more intuitively.

This is a fantastic TV, and at $1,997, it’s quite the steal for a 85-inch QLED TV.

Samsung Q80C QLED TV – Amazon

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