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Files removed from desktop after OneDrive synch

OneDrive synch keeps re-synching large file.

Thank you for your reply. However, I do want these files to be synched to the cloud with OneDrive. The problem that I am having is that they synch over and over again.

I did try Pedro’s usggestion, which seemed to work, but the problem still persists.

For example, I have synched 5 video files overnight. This worked, in that I can open and run the files from another user, who shares my OneDrive folder.

However, the notification panel that I see bottom picture below (“Synching 6 files” – I can’t get the pictures in the correct order for some reason). So OneDrive has synched the files and then stopped without actually completing in someway.

If I then stop OneDrive and restart it, or restart the computer, OneDrive starts synching those files again. This can then repeat itself when they complete synching.

I tried Pedro’s suggestion, but the files he suggested I delete were not there.

When I restart, synch starts again ans show in the top pictire (Synching 7 files)

Files removed from desktop after OneDrive synch [​IMG]

Files removed from desktop after OneDrive synch [​IMG]