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Firefly AIO-3588SG is an 8K AI Mainboard based on Firefly’s SoM

The Firefly recently unveiled some new products. One of them is the Firefly AIO-3588SG. The AIO-3588SG is an Octa-core 8K AI mainboard powered by Firefly’s Core-3588SG SoM (system-on-a-module). AIO-3588SG AI mainboard supports Gigabit Ethernet, dual-band WiFi 6, and an 8K-enabled USB-C port with DisplayPort. Low-profile SBC uses a Core-3588SG board powered by a Rockchip RK3588S octa-core Cortex-A76/A55 processor with up to 32GB RAM and 256GB eMMC flash.

Firefly AIO-3588SG is an 8K AI Mainboard based on Firefly's Core-3588SG SoM

About Rockchip RK3588S SoC

RK3588S is Rockchip’s new-gen flagship AIoT SoC with an 8nm lithography process. It features an octa-core 64-bit CPU and a frequency of up to 2.4GHz. Integrated with an ARM Mali-G610 MP4 quad-core GPU and a built-in AI accelerator NPU, it provides 6Tops computing power and supports mainstream deep learning frameworks. The extraordinary RK3588S delivers more optimized performance in various AI application scenarios.


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Firefly AIO-3588SG Octa-core 8K AI Mainboard Details

AIO-3588SG mainboard has a small size, more precisely 88mm*81mm. Powered by Firefly’s Core-3588SG SoM (core board uses BGA package) offers valuable features for various AI-powered usage scenarios. First of all, the mainboard supports [email protected] H.265/VP9 video decoding and [email protected] H.265/H.264 video encoding with simultaneous encoding and decoding functions. Besides, it can achieve up to 32-channel [email protected] decoding and 16-channel [email protected] encoding. [email protected] AV1 decoding is also supported.

The AI mainboard supports up to 32GB RAM 64-bit LPDDR5 and up to 256GB eMMC storage. In addition, AIO-3588SG supports Gigabit Ethernet RJ45, 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi 6 (802.11ax), and Bluetooth 5.0. 

In addition, the device supports 4K triple display via MIPI-DSI (up to [email protected]), DP1.4 (up to [email protected]), and eDP1.3 (2 Lane /up to [email protected]). Besides, the AIO-3588SG AI mainboard offers a variety of interfaces. Header-40P-2.0mm pin header can be expanded: (CAN/ UART/ VCC/ USB2.0/ I2C/ SPI/ SARADC/ SPEAKER/
Debug), FPC-40P-0.5mm (DPHY0-RX/DPHY0-TX/ DPHY1-RX), USB3.1 (Gen1), USB2.0, etc. It is worth noting that the Core-3588SG system-on-module and the AIO-3588SG single-board computer, also support various operating systems. Android 12.0, Ubuntu, Debian11, Buildroot, RTLinux, and Kylin Linux are supported.

There is no pricing information available at this time. For full specifications and more information, please visit the product page.

Firefly EC-A3588Q Octa-Core 8K AI Embedded Computer

By the way, we would like to inform you that a new fanless Octa-Core 8K AI embedded computer called EC-A3588Q has recently appeared in the Firefly portfolio. Firefly EC-A3588Q is also powered by a Rockchip RK3588 processor. The device supports up to 32GB RAM, SATA, or NVMe storage. Besides, offering dual Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, optional 5G/4G cellular connectivity, and dual 8K video outputs. More on the product page.

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