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Forget the Pixel 7, the Pixel 6 is now a steal with over 1/3 off

If you’re looking to spend less than £400 for a high-grade smartphone this Black Friday week, Amazon’s Pixel 6 deal might have you questioning the value of the Pixel 7.

The Pixel 7 is fresh on the market, and very impressive it is too. But here’s the thing: the Pixel 7 is not all that different from the Pixel 6, with most of the real innovation coming in last year’s model. The two phones even look the same, while performance is pretty close.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you this Amazon Black Friday deal, which gives you last year’s stylish flagship for just £397. That’s a huge saving of 34% from its RRP.

Get 34% off a Google Pixel 6 ahead of Black Friday

Get 34% off a Google Pixel 6 ahead of Black Friday

You can currently buy the Pixel 6 for less than £400 on Amazon, marking one of the biggest smartphone bargains ahead of Black Friday.

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  • Save 34%
  • Now £397.05

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True, that’s a tiny bit disingenuous on Amazon’s part, as this RRP now belongs to the new Pixel 7. But as we’ve just hinted at, there really isn’t a £200 difference between the two phones. Not even close.

To get this cheapest price you’ll need to opt for the Stormy Black model, but even the more eye-catching Sorta Seafoam and Kinda Coral are going for £399. It’s worth the extra £2 if you’ve got to have something brighter and you don’t plan on running a case.

Much of what we said about the Pixel 6 in last year’s 4-star review still stands. It’s still got a fresh design, brilliantly crisp software (with five years of upgrades guaranteed), and one of the strongest camera provisions on the. You won’t find a better photographic experience for less than £400.

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