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Frequent and varied BSODs

Frequent BSoD’s With Varying Errors

I have just recently finished building my computer and have had numerous problems with BSoD’s. I have been getting errors about Memory_Corruption, Critical_Structure_Corruption, and IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal on Windows 10. Many websites have led me to believe that my RAM is at fault, but after testing with Memtest86 I found that was not the case. I attempted to use Windows “Verifier.exe,” but my computer kept crashing every time I used it resulting in a Driver_Verifier_Detected_Error. It may be a faulty driver because I am using an old hard drive from a laptop, but I have had no luck in identifying any drivers that would cause a problem. I found the crash dump and sent it through WinDbg and found the problem was said to be caused by “Memory Corruption (One Bit).”
If there are any further steps I should take to fix this, any help is appreciated.

First Memory Management BSoD:

First Driver Verifier BSoD:

Edit: After running the crash dump from the Memory_Corruption error, WinDbg states for the default bucket ID “WIN8_DRIVER_FAULT” and the process name is InstallManager. Does this mean anything for the error? If it means anything, the hard drive that I am currently using is from an old laptop with much different hardware.