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Tesla has finally achieved the primary goal that the automaker had set for this year — the wide release of FSD Beta. Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared the news via his Twitter feed on Thursday that FSD Beta is now available to all Tesla owners in North America who have purchased the Full Self-Driving package.

This was one of the two major goals that Elon Musk set for himself this year, FSD Beta wide release and the Starship orbital flight test.

Tesla owners were also eager to test the latest version of FSD Beta in their vehicles and they just got this chance during the holiday season, the best time for extensive testing with time on hand.

While announcing FSD Beta’s wide release, Elon Musk praised the awesome Tesa Autopilot and artificial intelligence (AI) teams whose persistent efforts lead to achieving this milestone.


The recently released Tesla FSD Beta (2022.36.20) is the version that Tesla owners in the United States and Canada are able to download for beta testing. The next big FSD Beta release version V11 is delayed till December and is currently under testing by a limited number of internal Tesla employees.

As Musk said in the above tweet, Tesla owners in North America who have either purchased the Full Self-Driving package with their vehicles or have bought a monthly subscription are now able to download FSD Beta from their car’s center touchscreen display. You just have to go to Controls > Software and see if firmware version 2022.36.20 is available for download.

My Canadian friend Ian Pavelko who is a long-time Tesla Model 3 AWD owner just got the 2022.36.2 update rolled out to him yesterday evening.


According to several reports posted on social media, a large number of Tesla owners who did not have the Full Self-Driving package started buying the $199 monthly subscription as soon as the wide release news spread.

The plus side of this is that Tesla has solidified a monthly recurring revenue stream with the wide release of FSD Beta. Additionally, a flow of huge amounts of Autopilot data points and video clips to train the Tesla Neural Net.

But since this is a big software rollout, Tesla owners are facing delays in getting the FSD Beta downloaded to their cars. Tesla deploys FSD Beta and other over-the-air (OTA) software updates in batches that are normally observed to be based on VINs and geolocation.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have received Tesa’s FSD Beta wide-release version (2022.36.20) to your car yet or not and how you feel about it.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 visualization in dense highway traffic.
Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 visualization in dense highway traffic. Credit: @BLKMDL3 / Twitter. (Watch testing & analysis videos by Chuck Cook).

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