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Full emoji reactions start rolling out to Google Messages

Some Google Messages app users already have access to full emoji reactions. It seems like Google started rolling out the feature, at least via the beta channel. What does that mean, exactly? Well, that means that you’ll no longer be limited to seven emoji reactions, which was the case thus far.

Full emoji reactions start rolling out to Google Messages users

Up until now, you were able to choose between thumbs up/down, Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Face with Tears of Joy, Face with Open Mouth, Crying Face, and Angry Face emoji. Once you get this new feature, you’ll see a “plus” icon next to those emoji.

Tapping that icon will open up the full emoji picker, as you’d see on other messaging apps. Your recently used reactions will be placed in the top row. We still don’t know if your most used reactions will replace these seven default emoji, or if is Google planning to keep them there. Normally, it would be nice if your most used emoji would end up there.


Folks over at managed to give us a preview of what this looks like. Some of you are probably already using the feature, if not, well, check out the gallery below.

Do note that the source is using a beta version of Google Messages. So, it’s possible that this feature is not yet available in the stable version, but you never know when it comes to Google. Who knows, maybe the company is testing it in the stable channel too.

Google is testing a lot of other features for the Messages app

Google is testing a lot of new features for Google Messages. As previous reports stated, new delivered/read indicators are being tested, and the same goes for a photo picker redesign. We may also get voice message transcripts in the near future as well.


Google Messages could have a bright future, let’s just hope Google won’t get one of its brilliant ideas and decide to kill it off one day. That’s what we’ve seen happen in the past, with a number of other messaging platforms.