Samsung‘s Galaxy S24 series may bring a few notable hardware upgrades but the most exciting improvements could come from the software. The company is equipping the new flagships with Galaxy AI, a comprehensive on-device AI tool powered by its generative AI model Samsung Gauss. The service is baked directly into One UI and can elevate your software experience with intuitive actions and suggestions. Leaks have now shed more light on its features.

Galaxy AI could be game-changing for Samsung

Samsung unveiled its AI model at its AI Forum 2023 event last week. It said the model consists of three tools—language processing, code generation, and image generation. The firm has now confirmed that the service will support at least six languages at the beginning. Along with Korean and English, it can also process text in French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Samsung may add support for more languages later on.

In a benchmark run, Samsung Gauss’ language processing AI tool showed better results than OpenAI’s GPT-3 (ChatGPT’s brain) and Meta’s LLaMA2. The Korean language model, in particular, outshone the competition by a huge margin. One of the biggest advantages of Samsung’s Galaxy AI is that everything happens locally on the device. Your data never leaves your phone, ensuring data safety and privacy, while giving you unmatched AI features.

This applies to image generation and code generation as well. Whether you want to compose an email, summarize a document, generate an image, fill an existing image with AI-generated details, erase objects from an image, generate code for software development, or simply need help with some other task, Galaxy AI can do it all without requiring an internet connection or any app. All of this is processed on the device level in front of you.

The new AI tool can also analyze the user’s app habits and patterns to provide proactive suggestions. You may be able to automate some complex tasks. For example, if you’re traveling, Galaxy AI may be able to detect that and provide you with information on the weather and traffic conditions of your destination. These are just a few examples of the capabilities of Samsung’s new AI model, which should make its public debut with the Galaxy S24 series.

The Galaxy S24 lineup is still two months away

We may get to learn more about Galaxy AI before its debut. That’s because the Galaxy S24 series is still two months away—the new Samsung flagships are rumored to arrive on January 17, 2024. That’s plenty of time for more leaks as the Korean firm prepares for the market release of the upcoming products. We will keep you updated with all the latest information about Galaxy AI.

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