Games crash my computer

Hi. I purchased a brand new customized pc nearly two years in the past (customized desktop home windows 10 skilled, AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics). To start with it labored completely, apart from one or two video games would crash it. This downside has gotten steadily worse, and now any sport will crash it. I’ve spent hundred of hours with microsoft techs. They put in a customized home windows. This labored for some time, however then the issue got here again even worse. I put in a SSD as a boot power, to make a brand new model of home windows, however that did not paintings. It breaks my pc, and I’ve to roll again or reinstall the video motive force to get it proper once more. Is there a option to repair this? Which section is it? Can I substitute it? Will a video card repair it? Any lend a hand you need to give me in this can be MASSIVELY favored. I purchased it lower than two years in the past, and now it is rubbish. … THANKS!