GandCrab ransomware

What’s GandCrab ransomware?

GandCrab ransomware is one of essentially the most prolific ransomware viruses international, however maximum of its variations may also be decrypted now

(*1*)GandCrab ransomware – infamous cryptovirus which has been spreading because the starting of 2021

GandCrab ransomware is an notorious circle of relatives of cryptoviruses that used to be first offered in early 2021. Inside of a 12 months, it has earned a reputation as one of essentially the most damaging cyber infections on this planet. The circle of relatives is composed of a lot of variants, corresponding to GDCB, KRAB, CRAB virus, and so forth. These kind of variations are the use of RSA 2048 and AES 256 algorithms to encode records and are appending a random and distinctive dossier extension to mark doomed sufferer’s records. At the present time of writing, essentially the most competitive variations are Gandcrab 5.0.4 and GandCrab 5.1 virus. The ransomware has been the use of an array of more than a few distribution strategies, together with RIG, GradSoft, Magnitude, and Fallout exploit kits,[1] cracks, keygens, and faux updates. Whilst the malware is one of essentially the most devastating threats recently, Bitdefender analysis workforce, whilst running with Europol and Romanian police, controlled to create the third GandCrab decryptor that works for variations 1, 4, 5.0.1 thru 5.1.[2]

Form of malwareRansomware
Found outJanuary 30, 2021
Programs affectedHome windows
Detected asRansom.GandCrab
The extension added to inflamed recordsdata.gdcb, .crab, .krab, .KRAB, .lock, .[random_characters]
Ransom observeGDCB-DECRYPT.txt; KRAB-DECRYPT.txt; krab-decrypt.txt, [randomly_generated_extension]-DECRYPT.html, [victim’s ID]-DECRYPT.txt, [victim’s ID]-DECRYPT.html
TOR ID used[email protected]
Quantity of ransomMay range relying on a model
Decryptable?Sure. Obtain GandCrab decryptor from Bitdefender right here. Moreover, you’ll be able to additionally check out an alternate software.
RemovalUse ReimageIntego for ransomware elimination

At first, after two months of lively distribution, the primary variations of ransomware have been defeated by means of the Romanian police, professionals from Bitdefender, and Europol. After revealing the flaw within the ransomware code, government hacked cybercriminals and Bitdefender created a unfastened GandCrab decryptor which is to be had on NoMoreRansom venture.[3]

Alternatively, it kind of feels that virus builders don’t seem to be more likely to surrender. Right through the primary months of 2021, they offered a number of new variations which might be tough the 2000 USD ransom in Sprint or Bitcoin in trade for the decryption key. The enhanced variations Gandcrab 5.0.4 and GandCrab 5.1 have not been decrypted as a result of hackers patched the essential flaw inside of 24 hours after the Bitdefender decryptor used to be launched.

At the present time, the virus is appending .[random characters] dossier extension. Moreover, the sufferer is given a Tor deal with to shop for the so-called Gandcrab Decryptor from virus creators. Alternatively, you will have to watch out when coping with hackers as a result of creating a cost does now not ensure that you’re going to get a key that you want. The quote from one of the most recent sufferers unearths that you’ll be able to be left with not anything:

Our outsourced IT, Protek Improve, won a ransomware on their grasp server affecting all their 80 purchasers together with us the day before today morning. They’ve paid the ransom this morning about 7 am, however we’re nonetheless ready to get our recordsdata decrypted and it’s already 4:45 pm.

If in case you have even the slightest suspicion that you’ll be able to be inflamed, you’ll want to care for GandCrab elimination by means of the use of such equipment as ReimageIntego. Moreover, check out unfastened decrypters given within the desk above. When you none of them is helping, delete the virus to stop further records loss. Then, stay your recordsdata someplace within the protected location till the decryptor to your model is launched.

Movements proceeded by means of ransomware after infecting the gadget


Unhealthy cyber risk which accepts Bitcoins or DASH cryptocurrencies for getting better sufferer’s recordsdata. Some virus variations are already decryptable.

Following the infiltration, ransomware begins accumulating details about its sufferer, together with consumer title, PC title, OS, and identical records. Moreover, the virus creates a novel ransom ID and begins encrypting recordsdata saved at the gadget. Because of this, the consumer is not ready to get entry to encrypted recordsdata and not using a key which is stored in C&C servers and cannot be received and not using a ransom.

All the scenario, explaining what took place and what must be completed to recuperate recordsdata, is described within the ransom observe which is stored in each folder with the encrypted records. The dossier may also be named as GDCB-DECRYPT.txt, KRAB-DECRYPT.txt or [victim’s ID]-DECRYPT.txt, and will have to by no means be deleted in case you are keen to shop for decryptor. That is as it will have to be uploaded to the TOR web page of Gandcrab.

The primary variations have been the use of such message:


Your entire recordsdata paperwork, pictures, databases and different necessary recordsdata are encrypted and feature the extension: .
The one manner of getting better recordsdata is to buy a non-public key. It’s on our server and best we will recuperate your recordsdata.
The server together with your secret’s in a closed community TOR. You’ll get there by means of the next techniques:
1. Obtain Tor browser –
2. Set up Tor browser
3. Open Tor Browser
4. Open hyperlink in tor browser: http://gdcbghvjyqy7jclk.onion/[id]
5. Apply the directions in this web page

On our web page you’re going to see directions on cost and get the chance to decrypt 1 dossier totally free.

Don’t attempt to alter recordsdata or use your individual personal key – this may consequence within the lack of your records perpetually!

More moderen variants as exhibiting the next message to their sufferers. As you’ll be able to see, you’ll be able to’t :

—= GANDCRAB V5.1 =—




Your entire recordsdata, paperwork, pictures, databases and different necessary recordsdata are encrypted and feature the extension:

The one manner of getting better recordsdata is to buy an distinctive personal key. Most effective we will provide you with this key and best we will recuperate your recordsdata.

The server together with your secret’s in a closed community TOR. You’ll get there by means of the next techniques:


| 0. Obtain Tor browser –

| 1. Set up Tor browser
| 2. Open Tor Browser
| 3. Open hyperlink in TOR browser: [link]
| 4. Apply the directions in this web page


On our web page you’re going to see directions on cost and get the chance to decrypt 1 dossier totally free.






As soon as the sufferer downloads the Tor browser and clicks the hyperlink equipped within the ransom observe, he/she is ended in the attacker’s web site promoting GandCrab decryptor. Right here, the popup titled “GandCrab authentication” displays up which begins the process by means of inquiring for to add the ransom observe to start with. That is why cybercriminals are claiming of their ransom observe: “By no means don’t delete this dossier.”

Moreover, the legitimate web page is “unlocked” and items cost directions, the volume of the ransom (roughly $1200), services and products which can be utilized to replace the cash to bitcoin or DASH cryptocurrency, the deal with the place the cash will have to be despatched to and an opportunity to add one dossier totally free decryption. In line with hackers, suspending the cost can double the ransom quantity.

We will have to upload that the web page is well-designed and distinctive, stuffed with cartoons and such options as chat toughen. Alternatively, it kind of feels that you’ll be able to be banned from the help for the use of harsh language.

GandCrab virus

GandCrab encrypts recordsdata and guarantees to offer all proofs of decryption availability to persuade the sufferer to pay the ransom. Alternatively, its skill to recuperate encrypted records is extremely questionable

It’s value bringing up that ransomware identifies a selected length which will have to be obeyed to make the transaction or the volume of the cost will double. Alternatively, that is simply an try to intimidate the sufferers and drive them to pay the ransom with out comparing different choices.

Subsequently, we strongly advise you to not observe the principles of the criminals since there are different ways how you’ll be able to get again the get entry to in your recordsdata or use the decryptor evolved by means of the professionals. For that, you will have to take away GandCrab first.

Mavens from NoVirus.united kingdom[4] have already warned affected customers that this can be a extremely unhealthy pc virus and will have to be eradicated with the assistance of the pro or the use of a powerful antivirus. Our best pick out for GandCrab elimination can be ReimageIntego or SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner. You’ll to find detailed directions on find out how to get started the removal process on the finish of this newsletter.

Moreover, do NOT attempt to eliminate the virus on your own. Such complicated ransomware-type infections are designed to cover their presence and conceal as official pc processes. Terminating a very powerful gadget recordsdata may result in everlasting pc harm and re-appearance of the crypto-malware. Thus, we suggest the use of the removal information beneath.

Exploit kits had been actively utilized in virus distribution


Gandcrab ransomware is appending a lot of extensions, together with .gdcb, .crab. .krab, .lock. The new variations are the use of random characters to mark encrypted recordsdata

Hackers have hired a lot of techniques to infiltrate computer systems with ransomware. Alternatively, exploit kits are thought to be essentially the most subtle ones as they are able to effectively stumble on and establish gadget vulnerabilities after which misuse those holes for the assault. Mavens observe that GandCrab ransomware has been disbursed by means of the next exploit kits[5]:

  • Rig EK;
  • GrandSoft EK;
  • Magnitude EK;[6]
  • Fallout EK.

The Magnitude Exploit Package, prior to now used to unfold Magniber ransomware, has principally been used to unfold GandCrab ransomware model 2. The EK renders a fileless methodology used to execute the virus which is encoded the use of VBScript.Encode/JScript.Encode scrip and injected right into a reminiscence. When the payload is being finished, the ransomware roots into the explorer.exe dossier and forces PC’s reboot. After that, it permits the encryptor and locks recordsdata with the original dossier extension.

Ransomware has additionally been disbursed by means of malvertising[7] marketing campaign referred to as Seamless. With its assist, sufferers are result in but every other exploit package known as RIG EK. After detecting gadget vulnerabilities, it exploits them to contaminate the centered gadget with a file-encrypting virus or every other unhealthy pc virus.

Moreover, the Fallout exploit package has been used to distribute Vidar records stealer which moreover drops GandCrab 5.0.4 payload by means of its command and regulate server. This serve as may also be configured by means of the administrator when configuring the malware to start with. Upon additional inspection, it kind of feels that malware is shipped by means of malvertising campaigns, or even bought as a product on-line.

After all, the virus has additionally been disbursed as a Ransomware-as-a-Provider (Raas) at the Russian black internet. In line with the Test Level, hackers have already amassed greater than 600,000 USD ransom because of the cutting edge Associate Program. Ransomware builders had been paying the members from 60% to 70% of ransomware earnings in trade for twenty-four/7 tech toughen.

In line with researchers, this crypto-malware has virtually 100 lively associates, 80 of those members have effectively dispersed 700 other samples of the malware. Greater than 70% of inflamed PCs are positioned in the United Kingdom and US, so it is devoted to English-speaking PC customers. Alternatively, the hot model is offering a number of languages to choose between, together with German, Italian, French or Eastern languages.

Different strategies used for infecting programs with Ransomware


GandCrab distribution is determined by a lot of tactics, together with exploit kits, Love junk mail, faux updates, cracks, keygens, and identical tactics

It’s value realizing that exploit kits don’t seem to be the one approach how ransomware is shipped. Criminals may profit from credulous other people and use misleading junk mail emails with malicious attachments. Generally, those emails are disguising themselves as buying groceries receipts, invoices or identical paperwork from well known manufacturers and corporations. Likewise, naive customers open the inflamed attachments and let the cyber risk in.

The primary campaigns depended on “Receipt Feb-21310 [random numbers]” attachment which used to be the use of suffix. This junk mail electronic mail does now not have a lot data, aside from issues out that “DOC connected” which will have to by no means be downloaded to the gadget. In a different way, the .document dossier therefore runs a PowerShell script and creates an exploit dossier (sct5.txt), which recently impacts a 64-bit gadget. As identified by means of more than a few crypto-malware researchers, the sct5.txt dossier does now not run without equal payload of the virus, however executes an exploit and runs as a medium for malware to get inside of.

The newest Gandcrab 5.1 virus has been actively depending on emergenсy go out maр junk mail which reads and contains an attachment named as “Emergencyexitmap.document:”

Hello All,
Please to find bеlow the Uр tо date еmеrgency go out maр.

Please see Emergency go out map within the attachment..

Rоsie L. Ashton,
Еstаtе Mаnаgemеnt

When you occur to obtain such an electronic mail, a very powerful factor isn’t to permit macros which might be generally disabled by means of tool makers. Ensure that the Secure view is enabled and forget about emails from unknown senders.

In January 2021, a brand new malspam marketing campaign “Love You”[8] used to be spotted by means of safety researchers that centered customers in Japan. It contains the title of a well-liked Eastern display trade big name, in conjunction with an emoji offered within the topic line. The phishing electronic mail accommodates an attachment PICo-[9 digit number] that administers the payload. Along with GandCrab 5.1, the “Love You” marketing campaign additionally distributes more than a few different payloads, together with XMRig mining malware and Phorpiex malicious program.

New variants are detected virtually each month. In finding your model

GandCrab malware

GandCrab is the use of RSA and AES encryption algorithms to encrypt sufferer’s recordsdata and cause them to unusable. The one strategy to recuperate those recordsdata is to go into a unique key which is stored in hackers’ personal servers

GDCB dossier extension virus

GDCB dossier extension virus is one of the primary variations of the GandCrab virus used to be detected in January 2021. It confirmed up a few weeks after the discharge of the unique model. Similar to its predecessor, it spreads by means of inflamed junk mail electronic mail attachments and runs a payload as soon as the attachment is opened. The virus has been concentrated on the preferred recordsdata, together with however now not restricted to .document, .txt, .jpg, .png, .audio, .video, and so forth. and appending .GDCB dossier extension to each and every of them. It creates a GDCB-DECRYPT.txt dossier at the sufferer’s desktop, which urges to download Tor browser and transmit 1.54 DASH ransom. The volume of the ransom will increase if the sufferer is overdue to pay it.

Get GandCrab decryptor totally free

GandCrab Decryptor

GandCrab Decryptor used to be offered by means of Bitdefender corporate. Sadly, best the primary variations of this malware are decryptable with the assistance of this software

Cybersecurity professionals at have already offered GandCrab decryptor for v1, v4, and v5. Individuals who were given inflamed with this cyber risk and to find the next extensions can set up a unfastened software to recuperate their encrypted recordsdata with out paying the ransom: .GDCB, .CRAB, .KRAB, .UKCZA, .YIAQDG, .CQXGPMKNR, .HHFEHIOL. You’ll download it by means of clicking this hyperlink. Moreover, you’ll be able to download the software from Raj Samani safety skilled. Alternatively, having in thoughts that this virus circle of relatives has a lot of variations, infrequently those decryptors can fail to recuperate your recordsdata.

Prior to you rush with this process, observe that the professionals suggest putting in and the use of the decryption software best after you eliminate ransomware first. In a different way, the ransomware will proceed to encrypt records at the victimized pc time and again. Use best skilled safety equipment to delete ransomware from the gadget. We strongly advise you utilize ones which might be equipped on the finish of this newsletter.

In case you are not able to regain get entry to to the compromised data with the legitimate GandCrab decryptor, there are choice strategies which may assist. As an example, best one of the crucial virus variations are designed to delete Shadow Quantity Copies, so you’ll be able to use ShadowExplorer or identical third-party equipment to recuperate a minimum of one of the crucial recordsdata. Moreover, you’ll be able to absolutely recuperate recordsdata with out paying the ransom by means of the use of backups. When you shouldn’t have them, you will have to take a look at our ready choice records restoration strategies on the finish of the object and check out the decryptor as effectively.

Additionally, observe that model 4.1.2 and model 5.1 have two other vaccine apps that may trick the virus into pondering it has already encrypted recordsdata at the pc. Those apps generally create the particular dossier prematurely and, this manner, make the ransomware to suppose it has already encrypted this information.

To give protection to your self from GandCrab 4.1.2, get this software right here. Alternatively, the virus hasn’t been lively right through the most recent length. At the present time of writing, essentially the most lively virus is Gandcrab 5.1 which has been depending on a lot of tactics to get into the gadget. To give protection to your self from this risk, download the vaccine created by means of Valthek. (direct hyperlink)


Gandcrab circle of relatives is consisting of a lot of variations. The newest one has already turn out to be essentially the most unhealthy cryptovirus of 2021

Prior to you continue to records restoration, eliminate GandCrab ransomware

If you wish to recuperate compromised recordsdata, you will have to take away GandCrab ransomware first. Sadly, there don’t seem to be many choices how you’ll be able to do this. In truth, best one — you will have to download a certified malware elimination tool and let it scan your PC recordsdata totally.

To mend the gadget, download a certified safety tool once you realize encrypted recordsdata for your pc. We suggest the use of ReimageIntego or SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner for elimination which has been used whilst trying out the virus. After putting in one of those apps, run a complete gadget scan and let it terminate this file-encrypting virus. Sadly, those methods don’t have anything to do with the decryption of encrypted recordsdata.

Notice that chances are you’ll now not be capable of set up the malware elimination software to start with. For that, you will have to reboot your pc into Protected Mode with Networking or depend on Machine Repair. You’ll discover a step by step information on how to do this and eliminate this ramsomware on the finish of this newsletter. Moreover, our professionals have ready choice strategies that will help you disable this malware and recuperate recordsdata encrypted by means of ransomware.

(*10*)[embedded content]

Reimage Intego has a unfastened restricted scanner. Reimage Intego gives extra thru scan while you acquire its complete model. When unfastened scanner detects problems, you’ll be able to repair them the use of unfastened guide maintenance or you’ll be able to make a decision to buy the overall model with the intention to repair them robotically.

After all, you will have to all the time consider the safety of crypto-ransomwares. So as to give protection to your pc from GandCrab and different ransomwares, use a credible anti-spyware, corresponding to ReimageIntego, SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner or Malwarebytes

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If you’re making your IP deal with static and set in your instrument, you’ll be able to connect with the CMS from any location and don’t create any further problems for the server or community supervisor that should track connections and actions. VPN tool suppliers like Non-public Web Get admission to will let you with such settings and be offering the strategy to regulate the web popularity and organize tasks simply from any a part of the sector.

Whilst a lot of the information may also be by accident deleted because of more than a few causes, malware is one of the primary culprits that may motive lack of footage, paperwork, movies, and different necessary recordsdata. Extra severe malware infections result in important records loss when your paperwork, gadget recordsdata, and pictures get encrypted. Particularly, ransomware is is a kind of malware that makes a speciality of such purposes, so your recordsdata turn out to be unnecessary with out a capability to get entry to them.

Despite the fact that there’s little to no risk to recuperate after file-locking threats, some programs have options for records restoration within the gadget. In some circumstances, Knowledge Restoration Professional too can assist to recuperate a minimum of some portion of your records after data-locking virus an infection or common cyber an infection.