Gboard answerable for all of the ‘Release Limited’ notifications Android 12 Beta customers won

Whilst Android 12 steadiness is bettering with (*12*)each and every unencumber, it’s nonetheless in beta and a few customers final night time won a reminder of that standing by means of an absolute slew of method “Foreground Provider BG-Release Limited” notifications that have been generated via Gboard.

Some Android 12 Beta 3 customers this morning awoke to a number of dozen or so system-level notifications titled Foreground Provider BG-Release Limited. They got here in fast succession over the process night hours. The “App limited” — — is Gboard and was once making an attempt to replace stickers or some other identical expressive type of media. 

Apps that goal Android 12 (API point 31) — which was once (*16*)launched with Beta 3 this week — “can now not get started foreground products and services whilst working within the background, except for for a couple of particular instances.” The foreground motion in Gboard’s case is most probably a download. 

If an app tries to begin a foreground carrier whilst the app is working within the background, and the foreground carrier doesn’t fulfill one of the outstanding instances, the method throws a ForegroundServiceStartNotAllowedException.