Is your monitor too narrow? Do you think it’s time to upgrade to a new wider monitor, but you don’t quite have the funds for a good one? Well, Black Friday is a day for people like you. Right now, there is a massive Alienware 34-inch Quantum Dot OLED curved ultrawide gaming monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate on sale for $200 off. You can pick up this monitor for only $799.99. That’s a surprising change of pace from its $1,000 price tag.

This is one of those gaming monitors that have been built with gamers in mind. Just about everything with this monitor is high-octane and geared toward gamers. For starters, it has AMD Freesync Premium Pro, this technology syncs the refresh rate of the display to the content you’re playing. It eliminates any visual artifacts in your gameplay.

When it comes to the resolution, you’re looking at a decent QHD resolution. It’s twice as sharp as 1080p, and it will give you amazing visuals. This will come in handy when you’re playing really graphically pleasing games. There are always those games that just look amazing on a great display.

This is a large 34-inch display, and it’s ultra-wide. This gives you a much wider field of view when you’re playing games. You’ll be able to see more of your environment, and that will help you with first-person shooters. On top of that, you have an extremely fluid 165Hz refresh rate.

This is an amazing deal, and if you want a powerful computer to match, you should look into the Black Friday sale going on for the CyberPowerPC Gaming Desktop. It’s also quite a beast.

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