Samsung is one of the undisputed top contenders for the best TVs and it’s currently having a mega sale on its 85-inch Q70C 4K QLED TV. First things first, the price. It’s normally $2,797.99 but Amazon currently has it up for $1,797.99. Dropping the price by $1,000 which is a STEAL. It would be surprising to find a better price for Black Friday and especially so on a TV this big from Samsung. And that’s if Amazon even has any stock left by then.

Price aside, this is a smart TV so it has plenty of awesome features to enhance the user experience. With it being a smart TV you can access tons of streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, Max, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Spotify and many more as long as your TV is connected to the internet. This can be done via WiFi or you can hardwire it with an ethernet cable. But we’d suggest the ethernet connection because it plays into the next really cool feature. Samsung Gaming Hub. With the Gaming Hub you have access to cloud gaming apps like Xbox Game Pass and GeForce NOW.

You’ll need to subscribe to either service but so long as you do you can stream games right to the TV and play with a connected controller. The TV also comes with built-in Amazon Alexa. We all know that it can sometimes be a pain to endlessly scroll through stuff on the TV to watch. Well with Alexa you can have your voice do the work. Simply hit the Alexa button and ask Alexa to find something to watch. This is but one example of course and you can do lots of other things on the TV with it.

This is a TV deal you definitely don’t want to miss out on and you can snag this deal from the link below.

Samsung Q70C 85-inch Smart TV – Amazon

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