Google will finally let teens use Bard starting today. Google has implemented a set of safety measures, as outlined by Tulsee Doshi in a blog post. Bard will be accessible to teenagers in most countries and they must meet Google’s minimum age criteria. It is typically 13 in many countries, with exceptions are listed on an official support page.

Bard for teens first wants to educate them about Gen AI to utilize later

As of late, Bard for teens is only available in English. But Doshi adds that more languages will be added “over time”. She also adds that there will be few safety measures to help understand how gen-AI works. “Organizations like the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) advised us on how to keep the needs of teens and families in mind.,” she added. Also, it prevents the younger ones from accessing unsafe content.

This is how it works. When teenagers first start using Bard, Google will educate them about generative AI and its potential limitations through a video. For example, hallucination is a common limitation among both ChatGPT and Bard. Google will also cross-check Bard’s answers to ensure that they are factual. Additionally, Google has trained Bard to identify and avoid generating responses that may be inappropriate for younger users.

Google’s Bard is getting better…with every update

Google is enhancing Bard’s experience with new features. These are mainly beneficial for teens, but others can also benefit from it. For instance, Google also tried becoming a math tutor with an update recently. When you enter a math equation or upload a picture of one, Bard will provide a detailed explanation of how to solve the problem.

This is a testament to Google’s ongoing efforts to improve Search as a tool for homework assistance is paying off. Additionally, Bard can now generate charts from tables or data included in a prompt.

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