Google is adding a dedicated section for Tasks to the Calendar app on the web. It houses all your tasks and task lists in one place and lets you quickly check those out in a single full-screen view. The company says this update, which also brings an optimized desktop layout, will make it “easier for you to stay on top of and organize your tasks.”

Google Tasks finally have a proper home on the Calendar web

Earlier this year, Google simplified its task management system by integrating reminders and events created with Google Assistant and Calendar into Tasks. Following this change, every reminder you create using the voice assistant or the calendar app on your device automatically moves to Google Tasks. This is in addition to the tasks that you create directly in the app.

The idea is to keep all your events, tasks, and reminders in one place so you don’t miss out on them. However, this meant the Calendar app on the web no longer had a space to view all the tasks you had created. Since Google forcefully migrated everyone to the new task management system, some people didn’t like the change—particularly those who preferred an integrated space for tasks within the Calendar web.

The company is now fixing this issue with an updated UI. It has added a new Tasks button to the top bar next to your profile avatar in the top-right corner of the screen. Clicking it brings up a dedicated tasks view (you can switch back to the calendar view using the Calendar button to the left of the Tasks button). The main UI shows previews of individual task lists in multiple columns. You can expand a list through the left sidebar.

As noted by Android Police, adding individual Tasks will “auto-sync with the Calendar view.” You can ask Google Assistant to block time for an activity and it will create a task for it. Tasks created using the voice assistant also show up on the web at The integration with Calendar gives users more ways to create and access tasks across Google products.

This update is now rolling out to users

According to Google, there is no admin control for the new dedicated Tasks section in the Calendar web. So the feature will be available to users as soon as the update arrives. The company has already started rolling out the update and expects to complete the rollout in mid-December. All Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google accounts will receive the new feature.

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