Google One VPN is among the best VPN services you can have on your device to protect web traffic from prying eyes. However, users discovered that the Google One VPN has become incompatible with Android Auto. The issue causes frustration for many users who rely on both services.

In September, a user on the Google support website reported that Google One no longer allows the selection of Android Auto for the VPN App bypass. The issue prevents Android Auto from connecting wirelessly unless the VPN is disabled.

Google One VPN incompatibility with Android Auto is fixed

Thankfully, Google acted swiftly to address the issue and released a fix for the compatibility problem, according to 9to5Google. In October, a Google support representative announced the issue was resolved, allowing users to use the Google One VPN with Android Auto once again without any issues. Users must also update the Google One to the latest version. Additionally, they need to manually add Android Auto to the VPN bypass list.

While the tech firm didn’t explain what caused the issue, reports from users reveal it was related to the Android Auto update. Some users noted rolling back to the previous Android Auto version could fix the issue.

Google released the fix on October 26. You need to update the apps if your Google One VPN and Android Auto are still incompatible. However, some Pixel 8 Pro owners said on the same topic that the issue still persists despite updating the apps. Google must clarify if the problem isn’t yet fully resolved on some Pixel-branded devices.

Android Auto lets users connect their Android device to the vehicle’s infotainment system to access navigation, music, and messaging. The feature works in both wired and wireless forms, and it’s found in almost every new car that launches on the market. Google is constantly improving apps and driving experience on Android Auto. The firm has recently redesigned the Map app for Android Auto with a sleek look and enhanced functionality.

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