In August, Google was spotted working on a new Nest Wifi model, allegedly codenamed “Breeza” or “Brezza.” It appears the device will arrive as the Nest Wifi Pro 2, the successor to the Wi-Fi 6E-enabled Nest Wifi Pro from October 2022. We still don’t have a launch date for the second-gen model.

Google may have the Nest Wifi Pro 2 in the pipeline

Evidence about the existence of a new Nest Wifi on Google’s pipeline was first spotted inside the Google Home app. The company added strings related to LAN and WAN ports for an unannounced Nest Wifi model with the codename “Breeza,” which may be a misspelling of the Italian word “brezza,” meaning “breeze.” The product in question has the model number GS4VD.

While there hasn’t been a follow-up on that front, Android Police recently received a tip that gives us a new piece of related information. Google’s Material Symbols and Icons page has a new iconography depicting the Nest Wifi Pro 2. We can see that the icon is available across Android, iOS, and the web versions. While there’s no telling when the company added it, the tipster led the publication to a GitHub commit for the same dating back to August 11, 2023.

That’s just a few days after the first evidence popped up inside the Google Home app. We don’t have anything linking Brezza/Breeza to the Nest Wifi Pro 2 but it sure looks like Google has a new Wifi device in the works. Unfortunately, that is all we can tell you at the moment. There is no information on its potential launch date or features. Hopefully, something will come up sooner rather than later.

That said, the addition of new iconography to Google’s Material Symbols repository is no guarantee that the product is already in development. As the new report points out, the company added an icon for the Nest Locator Tag to the repository in May 2023 or earlier but no such product is here yet. Google has since removed the icon, so the plan may have been shelved for now. Time will tell the fate of the Nest Wifi Pro 2.

Google could wait for the final Wi-Fi 7 standard

Google will surely launch a new Nest Wifi device someday. It is just a matter of when and what the device will be called. Maybe it is waiting for the final Wi-Fi 7 standard, which should arrive sometime next year. We will have to wait and see if it will be a completely new product or a refreshed older model. As we look out for more information, you can check out these best Wi-Fi routers for your home internet system.

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