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Google introduces one-stop app to manage all your health apps in one place

A user reviews their Daily Activity in the Samsung Health app.

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  • Google has released a beta for its Health Connect app.
  • Health Connect will allow users to share their health and fitness data across apps.
  • The app will also allow users to manage the privacy controls from different wellness apps in one place.

Google is introducing a new app coming to Google Play. The app aims to simplify connectivity between all of your health, fitness, and wellness apps, while also giving you the ability to manage privacy settings in one place.

In collaboration with Samsung, Google has created an app to help centralize the management of all your apps. Known as Health Connect, Google has announced that it is releasing the beta version of the app on the Play Store.

In a blog post, Google explains that Health Connect enables users to share “health and fitness data across Android devices, with user consent.” Apps that are integrated with the platform can also share data so users can get credit on an app for a workout they did on a different app.

To explain this further, the company gave this example:

For example, Android users will now be able to sync and get credit for their Peloton workouts in apps like Oura, MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers and Lifesum. Now, through a single integration with Health Connect, Peloton Members will have the option to share their workout stats across the ecosystem of apps they use to support their overall wellness.

In addition to sharing health and fitness data, Google says that Health Connect will create a centralized place for all of your privacy controls. Meaning this page will gather all of the compatible apps in one place so you can adjust your data permission settings without having to go into each app individually. This feature is also said to contain granular controls so users can “see which apps are accessing data at any given time.”

At the moment, Google says there are over 10 fitness, health, and wellness apps that have integrations with the platform. Some of those include MyFitnessPal, Oura, Peloton, Samsung Health, Fitbit, and more. According to the tech giant, these are just the first wave, so it looks like we could be getting more compatible apps down the road.