Google will open its fourth retail store in the United States in 2024. It will be located in the heart of Boston, Newbury Street. This is the first Google Store in Boston and will be the third store to open on the East Coast, following stores in Chelsea Market and Williamsburg. After it finally opens its doors in 2024, it will be Google’s fourth retail location. Notably, the Google Experience Store next to Googleplex, Mountain View is the most recent opening. It was inaugurated in September.

Google Store, Boston is opening gates next year

Google’s upcoming retail store will be located at in a five-story mixed-use building at 149 Newbury St. in Boston. The first floor will be retail space while the second hosts storage. The store will be located between a restaurant and a clothing store, the company confirmed to Boston Business Journal last week.

Like other retail stores, it will also sell a variety of Google products, including Pixel phones, Nest devices, and Fitbits. Customers will also be able to get help with their Google products from trained Google staff. The store will also offer similar services to Apple stores, including appointments for hardware setup, tech education, and troubleshooting.

Google, please open more retail stores!

Google’s friendly competition, Apple, has over 272 retail stores in the United States alone. This is likely because Apple started selling phones and hardware much earlier than Google. However, Google still needs to step up its retail presence; opening just one store per year is not enough.

Google’s Boston store is opening in at least one-and-a-half months. If you want to experience a Google Store now, you can visit one of the existing stores. They are available in Chelsea Market, New York City, or Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can also visit the Googleplex in Mountain View, California, which opened last month.

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