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Google One app finally gets a tablet-optimized UI design

Last year, Google started caring about foldable phones and tablets. The company launched Android 12L with better multitasking and apps that take better advantage of bigger screens on foldables and tablets. Earlier this year, Google also promised to bring a tablet-optimized design to more than 20 first-party Android apps.

Today, the company has finally updated the Google One app with a tablet-optimized UI design. The app now has an always-visible sidebar (Navigation Rail) that replaces the bottom bar from the previous design. The sidebar consumes less space, especially in landscape orientation, and offers more space for the actual content. In portrait orientation, the sidebar becomes smaller and hides the Membership Plans, Settings, Help, Send Feedback, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service sections in a separate drawer.

A similar design language is already live for some Google apps, including Google Photos, Google TV, and Play Store. The remaining Google apps will soon get a similar redesign for a tablet-optimized UI. If you have a Samsung tablet, you can now use the new version of the Google One app. Over the next few months, many other apps are expected to get tablet-optimized UI designs.