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Google Password Manager replacing Chrome’s native credentials list on Android [U]

The increased prominence of Google Password Manager continues with the latest version of Chrome for Android replacing the browser’s built-in saved credentials list.

Update 12/2: After the official announcement in late June, Chrome 107 and 108 are widely replacing the Android browser’s native credentials list with the Google Password Manager. You’ll see a “New” badge in Chrome settings and tapping opens the experience powered by Google Play services.

Some users might already have it with version 107, but Chrome 108 looks to widely enable it. The new stable browser release is still rolling out. Accessing through Chrome > Settings is much faster than opening the Settings app > Google > Manage your Google Account > Security > Password Manager.

Original 6/21: On Chrome 103 for Android, opening Settings reveals a new “Password Manager” menu item that replaces “Passwords.” Tapping now opens the Google Play Services-powered experience that is in the middle or rolling out a homescreen shortcut that uses a four-colored key icon. This will launch in a separate window and you’re free to browse the web as it’s open.

The UI is similar to the one you’ll find at on the web with a card to initiate a Password Checkup. Below that is a list of credentials saved to your account. Tapping on one, which is usefully accompanied by a favicon here, prompts you to authenticate via fingerprint before being able to see/copy a password.

Meanwhile, you can quickly search or add a new username and password, while a settings gear icon in the top-right corner lets you enable/disable: Offer to save passwords, Auto sign-in, and Password alerts across Android and Chrome. 

In short, the end user experience doesn’t really change by Chrome switching to the Google Password Manager. It was already the same backend and the new UI is closer in line with the web version, while it gives Google one surface to focus upgrades on. For example, in settings, you’ll soon see the option to enable on-device encryption.

Chrome 103 is rolling out to the stable channel starting today, while this change is already live in beta.

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