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Google Phone app rolling out new calling screen with bottom sheet redesign

Back in September, the Google Phone app started testing a new calling screen, and the bottom sheet redesign is now seeing wider availability. 

Instead of buttons and other controls placed in the middle of the screen, this new calling screen makes use of a bottom sheet. Above the end call button is “Keypad” (which appears as part of the sheet when opened), “Mute,” and “Speaker.” 

Tapping “More” slides up “Hold,” “Video call,” and “Add call.” The top half of the screen with the contact’s profile image and name is unchanged. This sheet approach (with Dynamic Color) is definitely aligned with Material You. Easy button access/reach is likely the overarching goal of this redesign.

Meanwhile, more people are now encountering the top-left pill for Ongoing calls. This replaces the previous chat head approach, with availability going back and forth.

Those on the Google Phone beta gained these features a few weeks (or even months ago), but the calling screen is now seeing availability on the stable release (version 98.x). That said, it’s not fully rolled out yet as of this evening to all Pixel owners with a server-side component.

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